Waleeporn Gunan during her interview
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Saman Gunan departed from his kids and wife, Waleeporn Gunan, as he passed away in a mission. Has Walerrporn remarried? Let's find out.

Waleeporn Gunan is the wife of Late Saman Gunan. Saman perished while attempting to rescue 13 strangers from a flooded Chiang Rai cave complex.

The volunteer diver's breathing apparatus was in his mouth when he returned from providing air tanks along the rescue route. The water was below freezing. The visibility was almost nonexistent.

After failing to locate his equipment in the chilly, gloomy darkness, Saman ran out of oxygen. Life has become a struggle for his suffering wife since he has been gone for almost a year.

Where Is Waleeporn Gunan Now?

Waleeporn Gunan is continuing her life and is involved in her work after the death of her husband. She works 9 to 15 hours a day for the Airports of Thailand.

Although she fully accepts that he will never return, the agony is too great to endure. Waleeporn so looks for solace to soothe her grieving heart.

She's on the point of emotional breakdown because of Saman's passing. However, she frequently experiences a brief period of happiness when she views his Instagram images, old Facebook posts, or favorite foods before the realization pulls her back into sadness.

She battles to move on daily while diverting her attention to rigorous work, a master's degree course, and a language lesson. As a result, the hours spent studying English increase in the evening.


She travels to the University of Rangsit on the weekends to take a course in entrepreneurship and innovation. Waleeporn is exhausted when she arrives home.

Waleeporn Gunan Is Saman Gunan Wife

Waleeporn Gunan had a wonderful life as the wife of Saman Gunan before the tragic incident. They also had kids in the family.

Where her family resides, Nakhon Phanom is where Waleeporn first met her husband at a young age. Before seeing 23-year-old Valepon in a nearby park, the young military sailor arrived to participate in a triathlon.

As soon as he asked for her phone number, love started to grow. After Saman accepted a position with Airports of Thailand in Bangkok, the couple got hitched.

They continued living a peaceful life till June 23, 2018. Then, twelve Wild Boar Academy football players, ages 11 to 16, and their 25-year-old coach set out on an adventure that ended badly.

He promised his wife that he would make a delivery at the Tham Luang cave system. Valepon believed he would return the following day because little information had been provided.

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Has Waleeporn Gunan Remarried After Husband Death?

People are curious if Waleeporn Gunan is remarried after the death of her husband as the incident has crossed three years.


However, Gunan is not married again or has talked about having a new husband in her life. She is still living in the memory of her late husband and is busy with her life and kids. 

The world's most skilled cave divers were apprehensive about the complex network of this dark, water-filled tunnel, and Waleeporn told CNA she had no idea her husband would offer to go there.

Saman stated in a video he recorded with his smartphone before leaving. He was observed standing on the runway in front of a military aircraft while wearing sunglasses.

Saman was a frequent user of social media. Since arriving at the Tham Luang caves, he has posted several images and videos on various social media sites with his friends and family.

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