Jeff Lewis and Megan Weaver have developed some friction in their relationship. Let's find out what did Jeff Lewis say to her during the production of the show Flipping Out

Megan Weaver is a talented interior designer, who has been able to capitalize on her skills and fame to engage audiences in the show Flipping Out. 

Moreover, Jeff Lewis is the producer and creator of the show Flipping Out as he is the one who envisioned and started the show in 2007. The show has won prestigious awards such as Emmy and has a loyal fanbase of the show. 

What Did Jeff Lewis Say to Megan Weaver?

Jeff Lewis often engages with the cast, by adding practical jokes, and critical humor to the people working for him. Thus, his construction of humor does not seem to go well with the feelings of the cast. 

Likewise, if Jeff shall continue the behavior that is not acceptable to the crew then, it is likely that he might lose important people in the show. 

Consequently, Jeff Lewis seems to have shouted at Megan Weaver that she had double-checked her work, thus, Jeff seems to verbally abuse his case member, especially Megan as she was often called lazy and half-assed.

Jeff Lewis Relationship With Megan Weaver: Fight And Drama

Jeff Lewis's Relationship with Megan is like fire and water, it gets heated at times, but both of them cooperate and overcome their differences to work together. 

Likewise, Jeff seems to use the practical joke and often remains doubtful of his work, thus verbally abusing employees and giving unnecessary remarks seems to have stirred the fight and drama in the cast of Flipping Out. 

Jeff seems to have issues with other cast members as well, he does not seem to be on speaking terms with Pulos. Moreover, his cast has been grounded due to the Covid issue. Hence, it is necessary for Jeff to be a team player more than ever rather than imposing his will and humor on the people. 

Hence, he does seem to respect the work put by Megan he considers her to be a valuable resource to the show as they seem to help him achieve the objective which brings growth to the company. 

Megan Weaver Instagram

Megan's Instagram reads, her to be the mom of three teenagers. She co-hosts with Jeff Lewis on the show Flipping Out. Moreover, she seems to post photos with her co-workers, husband, family, and children. 

Therefore, she seems to be a social and outgoing individual. She has nearly 55k followers also her Instagram handle is @megancatalina.