Bailey Sarian announced her separation with partner Fernando Valdez
Bailey Sarian announced her separation with partner Fernando Valdez( Source : sportskeeda )

Youtuber Bailey Sarian recently revealed that she break up with her boyfriend and needed some time to cry out. She also said that she tried out hard to have a good sleep for a few days but couldn't get it. 

She has since moved on and wants to give this year a second opportunity with a new beginning.

After this news, her fans are very much concerned about her. Even her supporter are talking against Val.

Lets us discuss more regarding her life and current situation.

What Happened To Bailey Sarian?

Currently, Bailey Sarian has split with her partner and is not feeling well. She is inactive on social media currently which makes her followers curious about her disappearance.

In the beginning, Bailey and Fern were extremely upfront about their romantic connection. They consistently shared their silly photos on social media to reassure their admirers of their ongoing affection.

Bailey Saria will no longer be seen with her partner Fernando Valdez
Bailey Saria will no longer be seen with her partner Fernando Valdez( Source : otakukart )

But all of a sudden, she stopped blogging, and most people have observed this. Many people already believed they had broken up.

Bailey is a Youtuber and makeup artist who discusses true murder mysteries while applying a complete face of glam. She is also a social media influencer.

Bailey Sarian Husband Fern Split

After being together for about 9 years, Bailey Sarin confirmed her split with her partner Fernando Valdez on January 24, 2022.

Fernando Valdez is the partner of Youtuber Bailey Sarian. He is a graffiti artist and a tattoo artist. He has several fan following.

The couple met when she went to make her first tattoo from fern. Their friendship soon turned out into a relationship in 2013. Three years later in 2016, they got engaged.

Makeup artist Bailey sarian did a fantastic makeup
Makeup artist Bailey sarian did a fantastic makeup( Source : youtube )

But, the couple never revealed them being married. However, it is rumored that they got married secretly in the year 2021 and Val is her husband.

The makeup artist continued by saying that she has faith in the process and thinks that they were brought together and have remained so for a reason.

Bailey doesn't appear to be upset and seems to be fine with their split.

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Where Is Bailey Sarian Now? 

Bailey Sarian is currently back at work after being away from the media for some time. She will soon be active soon in her social media handles.

She has now decided to move on and focus more on her career. Her fans are still patiently waiting for the murder mystery makeup Monday upload from her.

She even requested her followers not to be nasty and say heartfelt words to Fern. The couple decided to separate from the mutual understanding.

She is blessed to have supportive and encouraging well-wishers. She has received a lot of love from her Twitter and Instagram followers with positive messages, cute pictures, and videos to make her feel good.

She is very passionate about her work and her way of doing makeup and narrating the murder mystery is much loved by her followers.

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