What Happened To Danny Duncan's Papa Jim? 

Papa Jim from Danny Duncan's Youtube videos has reportedly died as per some online news and circulated reports.

Papa Jim is the 91 years old grandfather of David Tomchinsky and he has been working as the executive assistant plus the social media manager for Duncan's brand.

Danny Duncan joined the Youtube platform on March 7, 2014.

Danny has gathered over 1.44 billion views altogether in all his Youtube video uploads.

The Youtuber has a range of content and all of them usually cumulate views in multiple millions.

Danny also has an Apparel clothing line and has provided a separate website of dannyduncan69.com for the sales of his merchandise.

He usually features quirky T-shirts with funny quotes and labels or statements printed upfront.

Papa Jim also shared the new models of the fashion merchandise that Danny owned.

The death news of Papa Jim has cast a dubious layer over the validity of the report as similar falsified reports have had arrived in the past.

Also, there have been numerous counts of fake reports circulated all over the internet that deemed Papa Jim as dead.

Is Papa Jim Danny Duncan's Dad? 

Papa Jim is not Danny Duncan's dad but a father figure to the Youtuber.

Papa Jim is the real grandfather of one of his closest friends of Danny, David Tomchinsky.

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Papa Jim has been working alongside Danny and advocating their brand together for years now.

He carves a cool texture and loves to go on new adventures.

He is a bold and fearless soul, always looking for more and achieving greatness in life.

Explore Danny Duncan's Parents & Family Details

Danny Duncan was born to mother Susan Duncan and has a half-brother by the name of Matthew and a sister.

The Youtuber has not revealed anything regarding his dating life.