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Miguel from This Is Us sadly passes away and he is given a proper farewell in an emotional tribute episode by his and Rebecca's kids. Find more about the cherished charcater and his character potrayal in the show.

Miguel is a fan favorite character from This Is Us as he ahs won everyone's heart with his excellent acting, character justification and emotional display of embedded fellings and love for his bond Rebecca.

Miguel's demise has been a hard take for everyne involved and been a hard pill to swallow for his fans as well.

The character is known to have come out of a chaotic family and grown into a successful and caring man that he became, although constraints and boundaries never ceased to exist.

Miguel's demise refers to the actor Jon Huertas leaving the show except some shots of pre-vision and memoirs of other characters.

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What Happened To Miguel On This Is Us?

Miguel character on This Is Us sadly passes away and his family or his children gave him a final farewell honot by spreading his ashes under the same tree that he planted with Rebecca and on the field where he played games with one of his kids.

Miguel is a beloved character of Ths Is Us show as he came from a troublesome family and had a beef with his father.

He sadly shouted at his fatehr and asked him for why he wouldn't be happy enough to see his son succeed and make something good out of himself.

Migueal was a dear friend to Jack and he later married Jack's wife or widow Rebecca and cared for her till his last breath.

He also moved nearby his estranged family after his father's death and tried to get back and get along with his children following a split with his wife Shelly, who blessed him with their two kids.

Is Actor Jon Huertas Leaving This Is Us?

Actor Jon Huertas will be leaving the show after his character sadly met his demise in the This Is Us show.

Jon Huertas played the role of Miguel, the loving and caring partner to Rebecca and the longtime firnd of deceased Jack.

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Does Miguel Die On This Is Us? 

Miguel died in the show This Is Us and his final ritual ahs been shown in a long aired episode where they his two kids and Rebecca's kids share their very tribute to the man of honor by spreading his ashes over the field and under the evry tree taht Migual once planted with Rebecca.

The heartfelt honor and the emoyional rollercoaster episode is filled with many insights and backstory on Miguel.