"Good Bones" star Mina Starsiak Hawk has worked as a home renovator for many years ( Source : Instagram )

Mina Starsiak Hawk will perform as the host on HGTV's "Good Bone: Risky Business." It will make its debut on September 6 at 9 p.m. ET.

Mina is an artist who specializes in restoring old buildings. She believes in reviving old buildings while optimizing functionality and preserving their original characteristics.

She attempts to achieve just that with a century-old Victorian structure in her native Indianapolis in her new HGTV show, "Good Bones: Risky Business."

Full Name Mina Nicole Starsiak Hawk
Age 34 years old
Born 26th of November 1987
Birth Place Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Parents Casey Starsiak (father) Karen E. Laine (mother)
Spouse/Husband Steve Hawk
Children 2
University University of Indiana
Profession Reality TV personality, businessman

What Happened To Mina Starsiak: Did She Have A Miscarriage? 

Mina Starsiak had pregnancy issues, and many people speculated that she might have miscarried. But that is not the case.

She spoke openly about her struggles with body image, the plastic surgery she received to address them, and how the public responded.

The "Good Bones: Risky Business" star spoke frankly about her experience with IVF in an interview with People Magazine in 2020. She didn't have trouble conceiving their first child, Jack. Things weren't as simple, though, when she began trying for a second child with her husband. 

Moreover, Mina built her journey around her prior experience, and after three months of trying, she felt something wasn't quite right. The "Good Bones: Risky Business" star had to try IVF due to a low egg count. The couple then used IUI, which was successful, as their "Hail Mary."

Mina Starsiak Hawk didn’t get pregnant with her second child right away
Mina Starsiak Hawk didn’t get pregnant with her second child right away ( Source : instagram )

The star was also open about how she felt about her physique after having two children and her post-pregnancy problems. She performed, a mommy makeover with a tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast implants.

No matter what she wore, the star admitted that she didn't feel at ease in her skin. She no longer regrets having these treatments because she feels more like herself afterward. Mina also revealed that the response to the news from her fans was "overwhelmingly wonderful."

Mina Starsiak Wikipedia Bio: Early Life 

Mina Starsiak was born on November 26, 1987, in Indianapolis, Indiana, the United States to her parents, Casey (father) and Karen E. Laine (mother). 

Her parents separated when she was a child and eventually remarried. They split up once more, which is unfortunate.

The young girl found it difficult at first to understand her parents' separation and subsequent marriages, but she later came to understand that it was better than them continuing their unhappy union. She believes that maintaining a relationship longer than necessary is worse for the children's welfare than getting a divorce.

Mina attended a local high school in Indiana before enrolling in classes at the University of Indiana. Later on, she received a business and sociology degree.

Mina Starsiak with her mother Karen E. Laine (right)
Mina Starsiak with her mother Karen E. Laine (right) ( Source : twitter )

Likewise, she held a waitressing job for a while after graduating. She discovered her true calling while renovating the first house she bought.

Her mother and she founded their own business, Two Chicks, and a Hammer, as a result of her love for home renovations. For seven years, Mina and her mother ran their business until she rose to fame on "Good Bones."

Who Is Mina Starsiak Husband?

HGTV's Mina Starsiak's husband is Steve Hawak, and they have been married for over five years now. Although Steve doesn't feature on Mina's show "Good Bones," he routinely appears on her Instagram page.

In truth, the couple, who are now parents to two children, son Jack, and daughter Charlotte, have a genuinely endearing love story. In 2013, the couple connected on Facebook.

According to Country Living, they met online through shared friends. When she first saw him, Mina thought he was "stunningly attractive."

Mina Starsiak with her husband Steve Hawak and their children Jack (son) and Charlotte (daughter)
Mina Starsiak with her husband Steve Hawak and their children Jack (son) and Charlotte (daughter) ( Source : instagram )

They ultimately met up in person during a baseball game. Unfortunately, Mina's expectations for their first date were not fulfilled. In 2018, she claimed to Country Living that he ignored her and let his friend approach her.

He was given a second chance by Mina, and happily, everything turned out well. In July 2013, Steve was initially noticed on Mina's Instagram.

In March of that year, Steve proposed to Mina, and on June 11, 2016, in Indianapolis, Indiana, they were declared married.

Find Mina Starsiak on Instagram

Under the username @mina_starsiak_hawk, Mina Starsiak has a verified Instagram account. With more than 1,000 postings, she has so far managed to attract 597k followers on the network.

The "Good Bones: Risky Business" star frequently shares photos of her loving family, which includes her husband Stephan, their two children, Jack and Charlotte, and their three dogs, Frank, Beatrice, and Sophie.

 Other than that, she also often gives a brief update on her professional life.