Dave Grohl and his mother Virginia Grohl. ( Source : Theguardian )

Virginia Grohl, the mother of Foo Fighter and Nirvana vocalist Dave Grohl, died suddenly, according to several online news outlets.

The death news has not yet been covered by any significant news sources, so the report is not yet confirmed. Furthermore, nothing can be said about how she died. This story is still expanding.

As soon as new information becomes available, whether it be specifics of Dave's mother's passing or false rumors, the article will be updated. Surprisingly, the news of Dave Grohl's passing is receiving a lot of attention online.

What Happened To Virginia Grohl: Dave Grohl's Mom's Death Cause And Obituary

The rumor that Dave Grohl's mom Virginia Grohl, the band's founder, had passed away has not yet been confirmed. The internet is screaming after one Twitter user made a post about her passing.

This website is not meant to be an obituary or death announcement for the person mentioned above since there is no actual proof to support such a claim. Additionally, there are not enough details provided. The cause of his mother's death is still a mystery.

On the other side, the rapid global distribution of Dave Grohl's passing earlier this week alarmed fans everywhere. The August 2022 report, however, has already been shown to be complete fiction and is merely the latest recent in a long line of fake celebrity death rumors.

Dave Grohl and his mother discuss his new book about growing rock musicians.
Dave Grohl and his mother discuss his new book about growing rock musicians.( Source : Youtube )

Immediately after finding out about the passing of the brilliant 53-year-old singer, composer, and artist, hundreds of fans began leaving condolence comments on the Facebook page. The death hoax sparked a Twitter frenzy as was to be expected.

Dave's mom made an appearance on The Late Show in 2017 to promote her most recent book with him. In the TV interview, they talked about how Kurt Cobain's passing harmed their relationship. She remarked that the time was so miserable and sad.

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Meet Virginia Grohl Family

Virginia Grohl has one daughter and one son in her family. She is wed to his partner, James Grohl.

James was more than 10 years older than his wife. As a result, he passed away at the age of 76. Virginia was 27 when the couple split in 1976.

After Dave's father left the family, she later raised Dave. As a drummer, he joined Nirvana in 1990 when he was just 21 years old.

Virginia Grohl, published a book titled From Cradle to Stage.
Virginia Grohl, published a book titled From Cradle to Stage.( Source : Loudwire )

He stayed with the group until 1994. At the age of 12, the singer began taking guitar lessons.

He got tired of going to school and started educating himself instead, eventually joining bands with friends.

The musician has three children: Ophelia, Violet Maye, and Harper Willow. He and her mother feel so lucky to have these three girls.

Where Is Virginia Grohl Now?

The mother of well-known American performers, Virginia Grohl, hasn't updated her whereabouts on the web or social media.

She seems to be a little inactive on social media and the internet. We searched for information about her and found her Facebook account, even though she was relatively inactive.

Almost exactly one year ago, on June 4, 2021, she posted her most recent posting. The singer has admitted that his mother was a major contributor to his success. 

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