American former professional baseball Jim Deshaies hosting from MLB Network in the stadium
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Jim Deshaies has acquired an impressive fan following due to his outstanding work as the color commentator over the past years. Meanwhile, his well-wishers are worried about his illness and health condition at the current date. 

Jim Deshaies is a well-admired American former professional baseball left-handed starting pitcher. He has years of experience as he played in Major League Baseball for six teams throughout 12 big league seasons.  

He started playing Major League Baseball with New York Yankees in August 1984 and played for a year. Further, he joined Houston Astros in 1985 and played until 1991. In addition, she started playing for San Diego Padres in 1992 and joined Minnesota Twins in 1993. 

In the following years, he played for San Francisco Giants, Minnesota Twins, and Philadelphia Phillies. His last Major League Baseball appearance was on July 30, 1995, for the Philadelphia Phillies. He also holds the major league record for most at-bats without an extra-base hit, with 373. 

Jim Deshaies Illness And Health Condition, What Happened To Him? 

Jim Deshaies's illness and health condition have become a significant concern among his fans after the news spread regarding his positive reports for Covid. In particular, he tested positive for Covid last week.  

Meanwhile, his well-wishers are worried about his health condition and wonder if something terrible has happened to him. According to reports, the symptoms are mild in his case as he has been double boosted. 

However, he needs to rest for a few days for medical precaution and speedy recovery. There has been no news regarding his illness besides Covid over the past years, and he probably doesn't have any severe health issues at the current date. Thousands of well-wishers have sent love and prayers for his speedy recovery. 

Where Is Jim Deshaies Now In 2022? 

Jim Deshaies has been taking a medical rest at his residence as he was tested covid-positive last week. In particular, he has been working as a color commentator for the Broadcast of Chicago Cubs games at the current date. 


He joined the Chicago Cub's TV broadcast in 2013 for the 2013-16 seasons. Further, The cubs announced the extension for him through 2019 on January 10, 2017. He remains the Cub color commentator following the departure of Len Kasper in December 2020. 

He started his journey as a commentator for Astros' TV broadcast in 1997 and worked until 2012 with Bill Brown. He also received respect as an analyst and enjoyed popularity with Astros fans while working in Astros. He also serves as an analyst for Fox Major League Baseball. 

Jim Deshaies Age - How Old Is He?

Jim Deshaies has reached the age of 62 at the current date as he was born on June 23, 1960, in Massena, New York. He became the 1,000th person to play an official game for the Yankees at 24 on August 7, 1984. 

He posted twelve wins during his first entire season with the Astros in 1986, and it was the Astros'rookie record. Further, he set a Major League record with the first eight batters of the dame on September 23, 1986, against the Los Angeles Dodgers.