Nicola Mendelsohn is the new head of advertising at Facebook.
Source : wsj

Nicola Mendelsohn is affected by Follicular Lymphoma, a terminal illness. She is currently cancer-free, but there is a possibility that it will return.

By 2022, Nicola will also be a non-executive director of Diageo in addition to serving as co-president of Norwood and as head of the Follicular Lymphoma Foundation.

She has been working in the advertising sector since 1992, and in June 2013, Facebook named her vice president for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Nicola assumed the position of vice president of Meta's Global Business Group in 2021.

Nicola Mendelsohn Illness: Does She Suffers From Follicular Lymphoma?

Nicola Mendelsohn is a British advertising executive who suffers from Follicular Lymphoma.

Nicola had the diagnosis in 2016, and she will still be struggling with it in 2022. Follicular lymphoma is a type of blood cancer that attacks the white blood cells known as lymphocytes.

Lymphocytes help to develop immunity and fight against infections. Because the illness damages lymphocytes, the victim's immune system degrades.

The executive's immunotherapy and chemotherapies allowed her to be cancer-free in 2018.


She pursued treatment even after being declared cancer-free out of fear that the condition may return. She had to stop taking the medication due to the covid emia.

Additionally, her weakened immune system as a result of her cancer prevented her from receiving the covid vaccine at first. After her antibody test resulted in a negative result, she had to work from home for two years.

She ultimately produced enough antibodies in February 2022 to receive the COVID vaccine. Although her health has significantly improved over the previous few years, the disease is still present, and she still faces a danger of relapse.

Nicola Mendelsohn Husband: Is She Married?

In 1994, Nicola Mendelsohn and her husband Jonathan Mendelsohn got married.

They both identify as Jews and are involved in their synagogue and Jewish society. They took on the role of Norwood Anglo-Jewish Family Services charity's new president couple in November 2015. 

They have one daughter and three sons, and they all live in Finchley. Danny, Sam, Zac, and Gabi are their children's names.


Jonathan is a British lobbyist and political organizer for the Labour party. He was chosen to serve as the party's director of resources for the general election in 2007.

He was born on December 30, 1966, and is currently 55 years old. The Lobbyist's nationality is British.

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Nicola Mendelsohn Salary

The salary of Nicola Mendelsohn has not yet been made public. She receives GBX96,000 in total compensation from Diageo Plc as its Non-Executive Independent Director.

At Diageo Plc, 6 executives are paid more, with Ivan M. Menezes receiving the maximum salary of $3,927,000.

According to, her net worth is estimated to be 2.86 million. The former Facebook executive has been a manager for more than three decades and has worked for numerous companies.

Where Is Nicola Mendelsohn Now?

Nicola Mendelsohn and her family are currently residing in Finchley. Mendelsohn, who is 50 years old, was born on August 29, 1971, in Manchester, England.

The advertising head's father Barry Clyne is the chairman of Celia Clyne Banqueting, her mother Celia Clyne is a kosher caterer, and her brother Mark also works there.

She attended Manchester High School for Girls from 1982 to 1987 and was a member of the Jewish youth organization BBYO (previously the B'nai B'rith Youth Organization).

She studied at the University of Leeds from 1989 to 1992, earning a bachelor's degree in both English and Theatre Studies. She participated in a senior year effort to raise £20,000 for Jewish charities.

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