Evil Wordle, aka Evil Twin, is a wonderful pick if you're looking for a Wordle alternative to add to your growing list of daily word guessing games.

You've probably seen the several versions of the famous game that have appeared in recent months, but have you heard about Evil Wordle, the evil twin of the word game?

As users' results take over Twitter, we take a look at how to play the alternative to the popular word game.

What Is Evil Wordle: Evil Twin & How To Play It?Β 

According to the Evil Wordle website, it is the "evil twin" of the popular word-guessing game.

It was started by Ravi Parikh, who has a tech background, having co-founded software development business Airplane and, earlier, Heap, a digital experience creation company, according to his Twitter account.

Parikh has produced several Wordle-themed games.

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He also created Shaple, a spinning shape game in which players must match the presented shape to the proper one.

The evil version of the word guessing game was released in January and has since been included in the rankings of Wordle variations by Paste Magazine, Dexerto, and Pedestrian.

The Anti-Wordle Game Rules

Evil Wordle starts in the same way that other Wordle-like games do, with the user entering a random five-letter word.

Unlike Wordle, however, there is no default world from which users must guess.

Rather, the game examines user guesses to obtain an answer that matches the pattern of the words that have been answered.

Users are not limited to a certain number of guesses, and the goal, as indicated on the word game's website, is to maximize the number of guesses it takes.

The game may also be customized to the user's preferences by changing the word length to six, having the game timed, changing the display, and even turning off the evil mode.

You may see Evil Wordle for yourself by clicking here.

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A Word Game Alternative Takes Over Twitter

Many gamers have begun sharing their scores on Twitter as they play the evil Wordle version, resulting in a net inflow of colorful answer grids on the microblogging network.

Wordle users may be aware of the growing number of Wordle clones, which include everything from a Pokemon-themed Squirtle to a Taylor Swift-inspired Taylordle.

Moreover, some Twitter users have confessed that Evil Wordle is on their daily guessing game list.