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American actor Rhoyle Ivy King, who has yet to reveal his real name, is on the cast of All American: Homecoming.

The entertainer is an allrounder and hopes to exhibit his talent on the CW platform through the second season of the sports drama series.

The spin-boasts of a star-studded cast of Geffri MayaKelly Jenrette, Peyton Alex Smith, and many more, as they come together to act on the backdrop of the highly competitive HBCU. The athletes battle to reign on top of their counterparts, struggling with problems of their own.

Indeed, the show has its hopes set on the pilot of the second series appearing on October 24 at 9 p.m. EST as it sets the tone for the rest of the season. If they fail to appeal to their audiences, they may never get to conclude their stories on a satisfying end.

Besides, the performance is one of a kind, displaying concerns for families of color which do not get much of a mainstream spotlight.

Young kids get to watch and relate to people like themselves, combating issues that they are familiar with. The showrunners also introduced never before seen spectrum of humans, educating kids about where they may fall.

Such a representation is vital, especially in this day and age where children learn everything from the internet.

Quick Info:

NameRhoyle Ivy Kin
Agemid 20s
BirthdayJanuary 17th

Some FAQs

Who is Nate in all American?

We'll be seeing more of Nathaniel Hardin in the second season of All American: Homecoming. Rhoyle Ivy King, who heavily recurred as the character in Season 1, has been promoted to series regular for the upcoming season.

Rhoyle Ivy King partner?

Rhoyle Ivy King is a private person and never talks about his partner or relationship. Rhoyle may either be single or he is trying to keep his love relationship under the wraps.

Who did Rhoyle Ivy King in pose?

His character is Nathaniel Hardin, the pre-law baddie and “heels girl” who's always there to support her friends and keep them in check.

What Is Rhoyle Ivy King Real Name? How Old Is He?

American actor Rhoyle Ivy King, in his mid-20s, has not revealed his real name, but we assume it to be his stage name.

Born on January 17th, sometime in the 90s, he spent his early years in Fort Worth, Texas. His household was full of influential ladies as he thrived under the persuasion of his aunts and grandmother.

The females in his life greatly dictated his personality and attitude as he used to watch their fashion and styles closely. 

As they were the people who taught him how to walk and dress, it was evident that they aided him in expressing his thoughts and ideas. The grace and class with which they cruise through town got him enlightened, as he wanted to recreate the same. 

Out of them, his mom, a nurse who graduated from Prairie View A&M University, was the beacon who attended a historically African American school. She spoke about how the experiences set a standard for excellence for the people in her community, imagining the exposure if he attended the organization. 

When he was nine, she remarried and relocated to Kansas City, where his lifestyle got altered. The midwest was known for its theater camps, where he first caught the acting bug.

Initially, his momentos were limited to dancing and singing, but his outlook transformed after he made friends in the city. 

Rhoyle Ivy King studied musical theater at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.
Source : thewrap

Soon enough, he begged his mom to enroll in a Shakespeare camp and started his high school life with a new appreciation for pursuing the arts. The experiences opened his eyes to a new plethora of dramatics, enabling him to channel his temperament and perceive the colors of humankind. 

During his freshman year, he got cast in retention for the play Stand and Deliver, which serenaded his soul. The powerful screenplay enamored his mind as the audience returned to enthusiasm. He got determined to chase the high of that night and set out on an adventure. With Jeffrey Wright, Viola Davis, and Meryl Streep as his idols, he oversaw their performances over and over again and strived to reach their position. 

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Does Rhoyle Ivy King Have A Partner?

Unfortunately, Rhoyle Ivy King is not interested in a partner, nor is he looking for love. 

He has worked tooth and nail to break into his profession and does not wish to let it go for the sake of another human. As his professional career strives, he must sacrifice his downtime as his romantic affairs suffer. His clear set of priorities does leave room for negotiation, as you can only watch him hanging out with his castmates. 

After his high school days ended, he relocated to New York City to chase his dreams and chose to study musical theater at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

The institution came with its perks, but he quickly realized that life is not the same in the Big Apple. The bises based on skin came front as his androgynous appearance made it difficult to score roles.

Rhoyle Ivy King on playing The CW’s first African American non-binary character.
Source : xtramagazine

You see, people in his community have yet to find their voice on the big screen and got forced to change their physicality to get chances to show their faces in the cinema. He found agents around him telling him to be normal if he wanted to stay in the game for the long run. His wings got cut as he got pushed to a corner.

The idea was a blow to his young mind as he silently got determined to change the way things were. Having no other choice, he took up singing on cruise ships as a side gig and kept his auditions in small-scale productions.

Later, he scored acting gigs in Rent and Fame, but he did not get on the radar of people until he became a character in the 2019 pose. 

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Rhoyle Ivy King Early Career And Breakthrough

Rhoyle Ivy King has a true rags-to-riches story as he went from being a nobody in his early career to being one of the best breakthrough actors in 2022. 

According to his IMDb, he had worked in just about eight projects with roles of Anthony Olivia or Michael Splitson in Five Under Five Project, DJ Eli in Good Trouble, and Beautiful Ball Goer in Pose, to name a few.

Indeed, his breakthrough years came in 2022 when there were two blockbusters, Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and All American: Homecoming, in the same month.

He got invested in his character, Nathaniel Hardin, from the get-go as the showrunners dished out how he was supposed to be a person without not more than eight lines through the series. The shallow personality got intended to be the pre-law baddie and heels girl who’s always there to support her friends. 

Rhoyle Ivy King as Nathaniel Hardin in All American: Homecoming.
Source : tvline

Nkechi Okoro Carroll, the creator, took one look at the audition tape and realized they had found the one. They had plans to develop a personality that was unapologetically themselves and broke the stigma of homosexuality in the African American community. 

The artist solely took charge and established her as a series regular while adding a story arc that would humanize the sorority member. 

The director showed the dynamic behind the scenes, as he added a calming and supportive stance for his fellow co-stars.

The force of nature understood his importance in pop culture as he eventually became the first African America non-binary character in The CW’s history. 

Even the writers did not have to work overtime as he brought his twist to the screenplay as they developed the part with empathy and maturity. 

Besides, their ultimate goal is to bring more people of color, not just in front of the camera but in post-productions and crew. 

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Meet Rhoyle Ivy King On Instagram

26-year-old star Rhoyle Ivy King is available on Instagram with the account handle rhoyleivyking, where he has seventy-one thousand followers. 

His recent posts have been from cover photoshoots of the magazines he had participated in, like GMARO Magazine Cover October issue and Artenzza. His tall physique and luscious hair aided his poses during his hour, making him an excellent poser. 

The hair has become incorporated with the persona, changing colors and styles according to the mood of the wearer. Sometimes, he stands still while his competent hair does all the work. The playful additions to his attire demonstrated his creativity, using each bone to express his colors. 

The platform is a playground as he shows what he stands for through the few posts about his world and portfolio. 

Rhoyle Ivy King for Ivy Park.
Source : instagram

Indeed, his impressive credential also includes modeling for Beyoncé’s clothing line, Ivy Park, and paid partnerships with his favorite brands, Balmain and Balenciaga.

Although the pair had not yet met, they knew of one another. For the artist, it was a dream come true as every person of color worships the Queen. He said he would make sure to put the experiences on the top of his resume.

Besides, his outspoken nature and self-preservation have put him on the radar of the megastar, as she only brings out the freshest and most promising talents through her company. 

His reach gets utilized as a platform to bring forth the underprivileged as he is outspoken about the need to push more people of the homosexual community to the frontline. He emphasizes the need for representation in the spectrum with people who went through the emotion.