Manager Rich Thurber flaunts a glorious net worth of over $7 million as of 2022. Find out more about Howie Mandel's best friend for decades.

Rich Thurber is a well-known film producer and a longtime manager for celebrity Howie Mandel.

Rich and Howie have shared the friendship bond for over 30 long years and they present together as pals rather than affiliates.

 Rich has served as the producer in many of Howie Mandel's movie projects.

He has 10 credits for serving as a producer on his official IMDB profile.

His famous works include Take It All of 2012, Howie Mandel's Animals of 2018, Committed of 2012, and Deal WIth It in 2014.

He served as a creative consultant in the Deal or No deal TV Series back in 2010.

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What Is Rich Thurber's Net Worth In 2022?

Rich Thurber has earned a lot of wealth from his works as a producer in film projects and serving as a longtime manager for Howie Mandel.

His net worth has been reported by Ncerpoint as $7 million as of 2022.

He earns a whopping six-figure annual salary of $400k apart from heavy bonuses and contracts sponsorship deals that he gets.

Rich is best known as Howie's best friend rather than his manager of a professional affiliate or client.

Rich and Howie have shared many big stages and they have worked on many of Howie's famous projects.

Rich can easily be found in the production unit or additional crew list in many of the films played by Howie and Rich has accumulated a lot of credits for his filmmaking works.

Explore Details On Howie Mandel's Manager & BFF Rich Thurber

Howie Mandel and his manager turned best friend Rich Thurber have known each other for over three decades.

They have both worked together on many of Howie's movie projects.

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Howie's pal Rich Thurber will be appearing on season three of Celebrity IOU.

His present lifestyle following his split with his former wife Paula Trickey and his recent relationship updates will be surfed through in the show.

Have A Look At Rich Thurber's Girlfriend Alexandria Conway 

As per reports, Rich Thurber is currently dating his girlfriend Alexandria Conway.

Rich has a 22 years old daughter from his previous marriage with Paula Trickey.

They have been dating since 2018.

Alexandria is a diet technician as per TuneNews.