Joey Chestnut Slings a Demonstrator During Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest ( Source : Newsweek )

A protester carrying a sign that read "Reveal Smithfield's Death Star" and dressed as Darth Vader stopped Nathan's hot dog eating competition.

With its headquarters in Smithfield, Virginia, Smithfield is a food company that produces pork in the United States and processes food. It is a fully owned subsidiary of WH Group.

What Is Smithfield Deathstar?

One protester jumped on stage with a sign that read, "Expose Smithfield Death Star," if you happen to be watching the event.

However, since just "mithfield" was visible, it seems that he was hiding the "S."

Sports News reports that the protester was probably alluding to Smithfield Foods, a Smithfield, Virginia-based American pig processing corporation that has occasionally been involved in controversy.

Even more, he issued a statement accusing the business of animal abuse. After it came to light that it was keeping its mother pigs in lamb crates, the company said it would make its pork more humane, according to VOX.

The "Death Star" in writing is a Star Wars allusion. This mention is unsurprising given that the demonstrator was sporting a Darth Vader mask.

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Expose Protest In Hot Dog Contest

For the annual July 4th tradition, Joey Chestnut slinks onto the stage at Coney Island on Monday while using crutches and a cast on his right leg.

He overcame two significant challenges—his damaged leg and a protester—to become the best competition hot dog eater in history.

The person who hauled down 76 hot dogs and buns in 2021 to break the record once more suffered a ruptured tendon, though it is currently unknown what caused him to become ill.

What Happened To Protest?

Nathan's competition was won by Joey Chestnut in the men's division, and Miki Sudo won in the women's division. After also winning the championship the year before, Joey earned his fifteenth victory.

When the protester took the stage, Joey had to pause temporarily, but he was able to maintain his lead and win the competition once more.

Not to be outdone, Chestnut quickly turned and choked the fan before going back to his plate. In a blink, and you'll miss it type of way, it happened.

At the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, Joey Chestnut sets a new record.
At the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, Joey Chestnut sets a new record.( Source : Brooklyneagle )

The winner of each category is given a $10,000 prize. The winner of the second-place prize receives $5,000, the third-place prize winner receives $2,500, the winner of the fourth-place prize receives $1,500, and the fifth-place winner receives $1,000.

For the seventh consecutive year and the fifteenth time in the previous sixteen, Chestnut has already won the annual frank fest. However, he has never had to deal with a stage invader before (and an injured leg).

Smithfield Death History

It was a different workplace a few years ago. According to B.J. Motley, the head of the union, that was his first job at Morrell's, which is now Smithfield Foods.

"A family-oriented organization, you know, your senior executives care about me when I'm fresh out of school," Motley added. It still represents a commitment to recruits, he said.

Motley claimed that despite the staff reduction, the lines moved exactly as quickly. An employee is alerted when he goes offline.

Currently being investigated are combinations of post-slaughterhouse cleanliness and staff beverage preparation.

OSHA spokesman Scott Allen acknowledged, "We have received a complaint from the Sioux Falls Union and are taking action. OSHA is talking to Smithfield, and these issues are being addressed, Allen said in a statement.

The union and Smithfield can both agree on one thing, and that is their dissatisfaction. Because we are all here to work together, Motley added, "communication is declining, and we can't truly join together to accomplish better for unions and companies."

OSHA has several choices throughout this investigation, including mailing a letter to address complaints so Smithfield may clarify any modifications made, or OSHA can launch a full investigation, which could last up to six months, and react. Schmiedfeld's time is 15 days.

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