Gloria Borger does not have thyroid or any other illness. Gloria is a Chief Political Analyst at CNN and has been in the media since 2007.

The TV personality won National Headliners Award for the program Marriage Warriors: Showdown at the Supreme Court in 2013. She has also pocketed a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Live Coverage.

Born in New Rochelle, Gloria is a panelist at Washington Week. She formerly worked at CNBC and U.S. News & World Report magazine.

Borger has been married to her husband, Lance Morgan, since 1974. She lives in Washington with Lance and two children.

Journalist Gloria Borger's before and after photos indicated that she may have undergone plastic surgery.

She also appears on CNN's The Situation Room along with other late-night programs. She was a national political journalist for CBS News before joining CNN.

Gloria Borger Illness

Gloria Borger is not ill and has never suffered from thyroid. Gloria seems to be healthy and actively working as a political analyst.

The media personality has good health. As her age increases, she might get some health issues, but no issues have been reported.

Borger recently shared a tweet on her Twitter, penned, “On the election set with my tireless producer @NickyGRobertson, We will be back tomorrow!”

Borger graduated from Colgate University in Hamilton and served on the board of trustees. She was co-anchor of CNBC's Capital Report from 2002 to 2004.

The columnist had previously worked as a contributing editor and columnist for the  U.S. News & World Report publication.

Gloria Plastic Surgery: Did She Have A Facelift?

Gloria Borger plastic surgery is a prime topic among her viewers as she looks like have undergone a facelift and botox surgery.

The former reporter has been on the screen of CNN since 2007. She debuted in the media as a correspondent for the programs ‘Face the Nation and 60 Minutes II on CBS News.

Having to be noticed on the screen for hours comes with the pressure to look beautiful and appear young. Even though the news of her surgery has made rounds on the Internet, Gloria has never confessed anything regarding it.

Borger is flaunting her smooth and wrinkle-free skin, shocking her fans. Her new look has been acclaimed to facelift and botox, but the news remains uncertain as Gloria has not given any official statements.

Gloria won the the Captain Obvious award
Gloria won the the Captain Obvious award ( Source : twitter )

Is Gloria Borger still on CNN?

Yes, Gloria Borger is sill on CNN. She formerly worked as Senior Political Analyst for CNN, but as of now, she has not left the media but works as Chief Political Analyst for CNN.

In 2012, Borger reported CNN's 90-minute documentary on Mitt Romney and his political journey throughout the years. She went through depth interviews and traveled to places to gather information.

Moreover, Gloria was recently featured in one of CNN’s articles. The post addressed her as CNN's Gloria reacted to newly-released testimony from Cassidy Hutchinson.

Borger was CBS News' national political reporter and a contributor to CBS's Face the Nation, 60 Minutes II, and special events coverage until joining CNN in September 2007.