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The whereabouts of Cody Lee have piqued the interest of some "America's Got Talent" viewers. Here are some crucial facts about him.

Cody Lee is a Korean-American autistic and blind singer and pianist. He became well-known after participating in the 14th season of "America's Got Talent" and ultimately taking home the title.

Lee, who is legally blind and autistic, went on the AGT audition stage in 2019, and his performances impressed the judges and the audience. Likewise, His pitch-perfect rendition of "A Song For You" by Donny Hathaway brought everyone to tears.

Following his performance, Lee was awarded the Golden Buzzer for his performance by AGT judge Gabrielle Union. Then, after defeating rivals, he went on to win the season.

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Where Is Cody Lee Today? 

Codi hasn't let his passion for music stop him from performing since winning Season 14 and bringing home a $1 million grand prize. However, fans may still hear Lee's incredible voice by listening to the songs he posts on his social media handles. 


Lee recently took part in the 7th Annual Night to Shine Virtual Gala & Concert of the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism, staying true to his promise to spread awareness for the autistic population.

What Happened To Cody Lee: Is He Missing? 

Some AGT viewers are curious about what happened to Cody Lee, while others wonder if he is missing after he was declared the champion of ADT season 14.

However, his incredible voice can be heard by watching his Instagram performances, and those who follow him closely know that he still has a passion for singing.

In addition, he has learned to tap dance, which is his other talent. You may see Lee dancing a lot on his Instagram and TikTok, both by himself and with his supportive siblings, as well as in groups.

Does Cody Lee Have A Wife? He Is Blessed With A Supportive Family 

So far, Cody Lee doesn't have a wife, and the insight regarding his relationships and love life is kept under wraps.

Regarding Lee's other family members, his supportive parents are Tina Lee (mother) and Eric Lee (father). In particular, his mother, Tina, has always been by his side.

Cody's mother, Tina, claims that music has helped Cody manage his autism. Cody is gifted but struggles to talk. She added that before the performance, Lee would typically throw tantrums 30 times every day.


Howe Much Is Cody Lee Net Worth? 

Cody Lee's estimated net worth ranges from $1 to $5 million. The talented singer took home the $1 million award as the "American Got Talent" winner of 2019.

Likewise, Kodi Lee and the other contestants who won also got to stay at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino for three days.

Cody now performs in cafes, vineyards, and music festivals throughout the US, and his net worth has increased by a few thousand dollars as a result of his hard work and success.

Additionally, Cody and his family have helped spread awareness of autism since his performance on AGT. 

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