Glenda Cleveland passed away on December 24, 2010, at the age of 56. She’d been living in Milwaukee in her apartment
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Glenda Cleveland had a daughter named Sandar Smith. Her name is trending on the web after a Netflix show covered the incident of her incident.

The terrifying depiction of the horrifying deeds performed by serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer may be found in Netflix's "Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story."

His notoriety has long been the topic of films and real crime programs, but the Netflix series takes a new tack. People are interested in the case and her family details.

The series focuses on how the court system let down the victims and inspired Dahmer to commit further crimes rather than reenacting Dahmer's atrocities and appealing to pity for the monster.

Although Jeffrey Dahmer's deeds were already horrifying, it is the revelation of the blatant stupidity of the persons in charge of keeping the public safe that makes viewers furious.

Dahmer’s story is almost known to every corner of the globe, but it’s director Ryan Murphy’s work that puts fans in their seat. The show reached on number one spot in the first week of its release. 

Where Is Glenda Cleveland Daughter Sandra Smith Now?

Sandra Smith is the daughter of Glenda Cleveland. She talked about her mother's smoking habits and how it was the reason behind the incident.

DAHMER - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is released on Netflix that has covered the incident.
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She attempted to contact the police again when Sandra Smith and Nicole Childress, her daughter and niece, saw a naked teenage boy running from Dahmer early in 1991.

Cleveland's niece and daughter attempted to protect him from Dahmer and dialed 911, but they were persuaded to believe Dahmer when he said the child was his inebriated boyfriend.

According to Sandra, the policeman told them to "butt out" when she tried to tell him their names. Then, according to reports, Glenda Cleveland called the police and tried to convince them that the person was a child.

Because of this temperament and her persistent vigilance, triggered mainly by Dahmer's increasingly suspicious conduct, she, her daughter, and her niece decided to notify the police on May 27, 1991.

Cleveland stopped working at a data entry job several years prior and instead assisted taking care of her daughter's kids. Although a memorial service was held, there was no funeral. 

According to her daughter, she stayed on 25th Street until 2009 and had lived alone since then in an apartment less than a mile away at 32nd and Wisconsin. Two decades later, she died at 56. Although a memorial service was held, there was no funeral.

Sandra Smith Age And Parents

Sandra Smith lost her parent at an untimely age. After the show's release, people were curious about Cleveland's family members.

Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer behind the scenes of DAHMER (2021)
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Cleveland's frightened neighbors called the police to report her missing after not seeing her for a few days. The responding police officers found her lying face down on the floor of her apartment.

Milwaukee's Common Council and County Board honored Cleveland, and the Milwaukee Police Department also presented her with awards.

She persisted in speaking out against the unfair treatment of cops, resulting in the loss of innocent lives. Cleveland maintained contact with Konerak's family as well.

On December 24, 2010, Glenda Cleveland passed away at 56. She had been residing in her apartment in Milwaukee. Some worried neighbors hadn't seen her for a few days, so they called the police.

The medical examiner's findings stated that it was "a natural case caused by heart disease and excessive blood pressure," according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

While recalling the incident, Smith stated that she doesn’t like to remember those incidents, though she still thinks a lot could have been prevented if the police officers had reacted on time. 

While Smith’s mother became a famous figure in the United States, people are still unaware whether Mrs. Cleveland was ever married or not.

Though there have been very few details regarding Smith’s personal life, USA Today reported that she works as a nurse in Milwaukee.

In the series, Dia Nash played the role of Sandra Smith. Though Smith largely relates to the incident, she has a very small part in the series. Even after going through such a horrific and traumatizing incident, Smith has been able to get her life back on track. We forward our best wishes for her future.

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Sandra Smith Husband: Is She Married?

Sandra Smith is expected to have a husband as she has children. Reports claimed that Glenda took care of her daughter's children.

Unfortunately, not many details of Sandra's personal life are available on the web as she has privatized her life after her mother's incident. However, she did make her comments on the tragic incident.

Sandra's married life is based on the that Glenda had grandchildren from her daughter. However, the assumption might be false as Sandra has not spoken about her children and husband in the media and the public. 

As per the show, because of this tendency and her ongoing watchfulness primarily by Dahmer's increasingly suspicious behavior, she, her daughter, and her niece decided to notify the police on May 27, 1991.

They had discovered a young lad on the street who was wounded, nude, and hardly conscious. He was a child, but when the police showed up there, they saw nothing wrong with his predicament.

The show covers a lot about her life and relationships. A few months later, it became clear that Konerak Sinthasomphone, who Dahmer had claimed to be his 19-year-old boyfriend, was only 14 years old.

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Where Is Glenda Cleveland Actress In Dahmer?

Does Glenda Cleveland Have Grandchildren?

Yes, she does have grandchildren. She looked after them in her early days.

Who Is Glenda Cleveland Daughter?

Sandra Smith is the daughter Glenda Cleveland daughter.