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The Sharswood plantation owned by Fred Miller is in the gentle hills of Southern Virginia.

60 Minutes looks into an unusual story where Fred Miller discovers the shocking history of his ancestors.

The Air force veteran was looking to buy a spacious house for gatherings when he came across the abandoned house named Sharswood.

It intrigued the veteran quite a bit and the man bought the place after his sister convinced him to do so.

After owning the property, Miller came across an unusual fact about the place where he found the traces of his ancestors in the place.

Furthermore, he also learned that it was once a plantation owned by a slave-owning uncle and nephew who shared the same last name.

Where Is The Sharswood Plantation Owned By Fred Miller?

The Sharswood Plantation owned by Fred Miller is in the gentle hills of Southern Virginia in a rural farm country.

CBS News further mentions the location of the place to be near the North Carolina Border.

It is a white gothic-style house with green roofs near the childhood home of the man.

Built in the 1850s, it has been there for more than one and a half centuries and was actually owned by the family of Bill Thomspon since 1917.

They owned the property for more than a century before Fred bought it in 2020.

It is a huge house with the space for many and capable of holding various slaves during the 1800s.

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Fred Miller And Sharswood Plantation: 60 Minutes Provides Insight Into An Unusual Story

The unusual story of Fred Miller finding the traces of his ancestors in Sharswood Plantation is covered by 60 Minutes.

The show goes through interviews with many people who are familiar with the history and standing of the property.

It further goes to reveal that the people who stayed in the place were the actual ancestors of Fred.

This brought many unusual and interesting sensations to Fred and the family members as they walked through the place where his former members resided.

From the traces of continuous movement to faded marks due to regular use, there was much evidence that hinted at how the former ones lived there.

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