Nicole Linton was reportedly drinking and driving while she slammed her vehicle in the intersection ( Source : Newstimes )

People have been looking up the details of Nicole Linton's parents on the Internet. Linton has been identified as the intoxicated driver whose vehicle sped through a red light and slammed into several vehicles in Windsor Hills. 

She is currently facing charges of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence for the fiery wreck that took place near Los Angeles Thursday afternoon. The accident took the lives of five innocent people including a pregnant woman and her child. 

Linton is currently at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center for her moderate injuries. The suspect was driving at speeds of at least 100mp while plowing through the busy intersection at around 1:40 p.m. 

A security video on the scene has captured the footage of a violent crash. According to CHP, two vehicles caught fire, and two individuals were thrown from them.

At the time, the authorities are not able to detail the model of the involved vehicles and people who were traveling due to the extensive fire damage. 

Name Nicole Lorraine Linton
Age 37
Education Kaplan University, Bucks County Community College
Married No
LinkedInNicole L. L.

Who Are Nicole Linton's Parents? Family 

The details of Nicole Linton's parents' are currently unavailable on the Internet. The family of the registered nurse has stayed away from the media coverage while their daughter has been arrested for the vicious crash which she caused. 

According to the reports, Linton has been serving as a travel nurse at the West Los Angeles Medical Center. As per her social media profile, she travels from one state to another working in different ICUs and hospitals. 

She was in her Mercedes Benz and slammed her vehicle in the intersection. Reportedly, she allegedly attempted suicide, however, the news hasn't been verified at the moment. 

A pregnant woman Asherey Ryan was going to the hospital with her boyfriend and first born
A pregnant woman Asherey Ryan was going to the hospital with her boyfriend and first born( Source : Nypost )

However, she survived the crash while killing five other innocent people. 

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Who Is Nicole Linton's Boyfriend? His Name 

People have been looking up for the boyfriend of Nicole Linton recently. That is because one of her friends claimed that she had been drinking after an altercation with him. However, the authorities haven't confirmed anything 

However, the authorities have yet to confirm if she was drinking at the time. The officer has stated that they have yet to investigate to find out if she was under influence or was in a medical emergency. 

Linton ran a redlight without attempting to brake and crashed into other vehicles in the intersection. As per one of the witnesses, people on the scene were trying to help. 

However, they couldn't get near until the firefighters showed up due to the flames. 

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Nicole Linton Children Details Explored 

Nicole Linton did not have any children, as per the details obtained online. She had a boyfriend as what the report days but she has never been married. 

In the crash, a pregnant woman with her child died when they were going for a checkup. The witnesses mentioned that the baby ejaculated from the car and landed on the road. 

While the passers-by did try to save the baby there was no life. Images depict burned-out, twisted cars were strewn across the street in what the California Highway Patrol described as looking "like a battle zone."