Rubi Tupper is excited to have booked another supporting lead in a TV movie in her 9th birthday
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Rubi Tupper was born to parents Shiela Tupper and Jessito Tupper. Rubi was raised along with her three sisters.

She is a Canadian actress best known for her role in the 2021 television movie A Christmas Miracle for Daisy.

The child actress portrayed the role of Daisy in A Christmas Miracle for Daisy, Directed by Mike Rohl.

The film starred Jill Wagner as Whitney Alder, Nick Bateman as Conner Shhenan, Tegan Moss as Andi Buchanan, and Joe Costa as Reed Phillip.

It premiered on December 11, 2021, on GAC Family. 

Her other notable work includes A Kismet Christmas and An Amish Sin. She has been appearing continuously in different Hallmark and Lifetime movies over the years. 

At the young age of 9, she carved quite an impressive professional path for herself.

Meet Rubi Tupper Parents Shiela and Jessito

Rubi Tupper was born to her loving parents Sheila Tupper and Jessito in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She regularly shares loving pictures of her cute family on her Instagram handle.

She spends most of her time with her parents and family which is essential for her at such a young age. Even with the hectic schedule of her work, she managed to give time to her family.

Rubi has three sisters and a dog in the family. Her sisters, Scarlett, Florence, and Winnifred make up her buddies. Her dog is named Sheldon.

Rubi Tupper celebrating Christmas with her loving parents and sisters.
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Winnifred is the youngest of her siblings, whereas Florence is the oldest. But Rubi is the eldest child of the family.

Rubi Tupper Mother Shiela Tupper

Rubi's mother, Sheila, is a fitness coach and is available on Instagram under the username @sheila-strong. With her extensive contribution to the healthy diet program, she has been able to garner an impressive fan base of over 7.6k followers on the platform.

On December 29, 2021, Rubi took to her Instagram to share a beautiful picture of herself with her lovely mom, Sheila Strong. The mother and daughter duo looked delighted while clicking the photo together.

Rubi with her three sisters and dog, Sheldon
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She is the creator of the Metabolic Method for Moms as mentioned in her bio. Moreover, one can also listen to her podcast. Sheila regularly shares beneficial posts to boost our metabolism and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Rubi with her fitness enthusiast mom Shiela
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As a fitness coach, Sheila helps moms reignite their Metabolism and gain a body they love. Over the years, she has worked with many women who used to jump from one program to the other in the search for a quick fix.

Sheila's bio reads, "Instead of looking for the next diet plan, start educating yourself on how your body works, and be mindful of what it is telling you." She dedicates her time to coaching women to reach their body goals.

Shiela runs a fitness Instagram account and a podcast
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Rubi Tupper Age

Rubi Tupper was born on August 5, 2013. She celebrated her ninth birthday with her family in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

She is currently in Grade 4 and is represented by agent Esther Cohen of The Characters Talent Agency. She has made multiple appearances over a few years of her journey in acting.

Rubi remains the power actress she was named after her debut role as a supporting actor in A Christmas Miracle for Daisy. She has since jumped from one project to another, only making it big with every movie.

Rubi is a powerhouse of talent who, when not acting, can be seen with her friends and sister playing soccer, track & field, and dancing.

Blessed with a cheerful appearance and remarkable acting skills, Ruby instantly caught the viewers' attention through her performance in A Christmas Miracle for Daisy. She was delighted to receive positive reviews from the audience.

Rubi having a fun time while filming The Island Between Tides with Sarah Lindish and Donal Flogue.
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Ruby successfully showcased her professionalism and maturity beyond her age. The actress followed her appearance with a supporting role in the upcoming feature film "The Island Between Tide," directed and co-written by Austin Andrews and Andrew Holmes.

The actress will portray the character of Young Zinnia in the film. The film stars Donal Logue as Bruce, Adam Beach as Cam, David Mazouz as Jared, Camille Sullivan as Zinnia, Sarah Lind as Patty, and Megan Charpentier as Mary Rose.

Rubi plays the on-screen daughter of Sarah and Donal in the film. She has shared several pictures of herself with The Island Between Tides cast on her Instagram. On April 15, she shared a joyous picture of herself with her on-screen mom, dad, and sister.

Rubi Tupper Movies and TV Shows

Soon after landing a supporting role in the upcoming feature film The Island Between Tides, Ruby earned a supporting role in the Lifetime movie MOW 'An Amish Sin.' The movie is due to be released in October 2022.

Rubi Tupper and her sister, Scarlett, in February 2022.
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In addition to her achievements, Ruby recently wrapped a supporting lead role in A Kismet Christmas (Hallmark). She will portray the role of Jasmine in the Hallmark movie directed by Mark Jean and written by Betsy Morris.

In A Kismet Christmas, Ruby will appear alongside Sarah Ramos (playing the role of Sarah), Carlo Marks (playing the role of Travis), Michele Scarbelli, Barbara Pollard, and Marilu Henner. 

A Christmas Miracle for Daisy star Rubi Tupper is available on Instagram under the username @rubitupper.

She is pretty active on the platform with her amazing twenty-five posts. Besides being an actress, the fourth grader is also an athlete. Rubi regularly interacts with her fans and gives updates about her recent and upcoming projects.