There are ongoing rumors of the beautiful couple Aj Ogden and Shutthekaleup being divorced. To date, neither of them has confirmed the news. But, she does not have any photos of her and her husband on Instagram.

Perhaps the allegations about their separation are true, but the information has not been accepted. Instagram pictures of Jeannette's family, including her husband AJ and kids, from the past have been removed. 

Also, the pictures of the couple are not available on social media. Lets us learn about the relationship of the couple.

Who Is Aj Ogden?

AJ Ogden is the husband of Jeannette, who helps his wife maintain her Instagram brand. Per his Linkedin profile, he is a brand director at jack henry and hails from Costa Mesa, California, United States.

There isn't much information accessible about him, and he may prefer to avoid the spotlight because his wife's career necessitates using social media more than he does.

She didn't support his decision to join a Christian band that required regular travel, and he disliked the notion that she had any power over him.

She is a wife, mother, and health enthusiast passionate about regularly sharing stories and talking about issues relevant to everyday life. 

Many people now have the self-assurance she bestowed to pay attention to their bodies and make healthier lifestyle choices.

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Is Shutthekaleup Still With Husband And Son - Divorce And Split Reasons Debunked

Jeannette has not appeared with her husband but was often seen together with her sons. So, people assume that husband and wife are not together.

According to UniCourt, Aaron Ogden sued Jeannette for Family - Marriage Dissolution/Divorce on May 25, 2022. The Lamoreaux Justice Center in Orange, California, where the Orange County Superior Courts are located, is where this lawsuit was filed.

However, the status of the case is Unclassified by Court.

At a church, Jeannette and AJ met, she pursued him, and they soon became close before getting married. They have repeatedly differed on how to raise their children.

Ogden released many images of herself sobbing and announced that she and her spouse would begin attending couples counseling in January 2021. 

Her mother temporarily lived with them from September 2020 till the middle of 2021 due to her marital problems.

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Aj Ogden And Shutthekaleup Age Gap

Looking at the pictures available, we can assume that Aj Ogden and Shutthekaleup have an age gap of 2-3 years.

Shutthekaleup, formerly known as Jeannette Aranda, is a nutrition, health, and wellbeing influencer on Instagram. She has one strategy, and that is to do nothing at all.

She lives in Southern California with her two children. Under the username "@shutthekaleup," Jeannette has a massive following of 342K users on Instagram.

She periodically sends her mother, who she views as her biggest role model, photos of herself. Two sons named Elliot and Cole images s found on her profile.

She is a close friend of Lee Tilghman, a well-known health and wellness blogger who is also environmentally friendly. On Instagram, which she used to share her journey to overcome her disordered eating and later became far more than she could have ever expected, thousands of people adore Jeannette Ogden.