Amandla Jahava got ast for a new mini series
Amandla Jahava got ast for a new mini series( Source : broadwaypodcastnetwork )

Amandla Jahava, whose age remains anonymous, is a Kenyan-born actress on the cast of Rap sh!t.

The 2022 series is about a group of females rapper from Miami who put their blood, sweat, and tears to make it into the music industry.

The mini-series is not more than thirty minutes long as it airs on 21st July and is a tale of music and comedy. 

Amandla Jahava Wikipedia And Age- Who Is She? 

American actress Amandla Jahava is a first-generation Kenyan-American actor, writer, and director based out of New York, having an immense passion for fine arts.

When she was a kid, she knew it was her calling as she valued creating stories in her mind and acting them out for her parents. 

Indeed, her unique perspective made her a prolific storyteller as she passionately creates and advocates for African stories from an African perspective.

Her choices of theater and performing were evident as she got her MFA in Acting from the Yale School of Drama ‘19 and a BFA in Acting from CalArts.

Meet Amandla Jahava Family?

Amandla Jahava is the daughter of a strong Kenyan woman and has two brothers, Mandela and Bryan.

The family has been incredibly supportive of her endeavors as they have encouraged her every whim and aided her to reach where she is today.

Indeed, her mother was all smiles when she visited her in Hollywood as they walked the entire premise in the scorching sun.

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She is not very vocal about them but shares a hilarious love and hate relationship with her brothers.

You can find more about her life on her Instagram handle, amandla, where she supports one thousand followers. 

Meet Amandla Jahava Husband Or Boyfriend

Amandla Jahava may not have a husaband but she is dating Abubakr Ali, an actor.

The immigrant boasts of himself as the first Arab Muslim superhero lead as he has partaken in numerous projects that will get released in the following year.

Amandla Jahava at the Yale University
Amandla Jahava at the Yale University( Source : yale )

The couple kept their relationship under the wraps with snippets of their alone time on social media.

For the most part, they have made their profession their priority as other feelings came a close second.

We are unsure if we will hear wedding bells soon as they have no time to spare to make a house.

Besides, the performer is content with spending her days with her black poodle as they are the best of friends. 

Amandla Jahava Net Worth Explored 2022

As of 2022, the net worth of actress Amandla Jahava is still under review, but we estimate it to be in the hundred thousand. 

Her career began when she landed the part of Kasaya in the short movie Day 74. The story elaborated on the life of a Kenyan woman in quarantine alone as she spent an afternoon in solidity while the chaos boiled in her mind.

The short film did not have a big budget for exotic locations, but it perfectly portrayed the agony felt by humans as we are social animals by nature.

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According to her IMDb page, she has only five acting credits, as she is not even two years old in the movie fraternity.

Some of her memorable work include her portrayal of Rashida in How to Make Love to a Black Woman, Nicole in DMZ, Jill in Rap, and News Anchor in Killer Whales, to name a few.

Besides, she is not one to remain confined to a single role, as she has widened her horizon by producing her first venture Sis.