Jacques Bouthier, yet to land on Wikipedia, is the CEO of chez Assu 2000 which is located in the Greater Paris Metropolitan Region.

The French press is currently talking about Jacques Bouthier and his detainment in the case of human trafficking and the rape of a minor. The Internet is currently raging over the incident asking for capital punishment for the culprit.

Jacques Bouthier Wikipedia

Jacques Bouthier is the founder and president of Assu 2000 in the Greater Paris Metropolitan Region. As per his Linkedin profile, he has only 7 connections and his interests lie in Groupe VILAVI and Groupe ASSU 2000. 

It shows that he doesn't manage his own account and prefers not to share much about his educational qualification including his professional endeavors. However, his company's profile has many details on it. 

The ASSU 2000 Group is the foremost individual brokerage network in France. In 2019, the Group employed around 1,800 people.

It is organized into two sectors of business and 11 subsidiaries. One is ASSU 2000 which is a network of over 400 agencies, maXance or wholesale broker, Euro-Assurance and Assureo, Profirst are all in the insurance sector or professional insurance wholesale brokers.

Similarly other one is the credit division that includes AB Courtage, VousFinancer.com (mortgage brokers), Brookéo, Crédit Market (debt consolidation), L'assurance Crédit (borrower insurance comparison), and Cheval Blanc Patrimoine

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Jacques Bouthier Arrest Details And Charges

According to multiple court authorities and sources close to the case, Jacques Bouthier was charged and imprisoned with five other persons in an inquiry into human trafficking and the rape of a child in particular.

The six defendants were charged with trafficking in human beings with reference to minors and attempted, rape of a minor over 15, resort to prostitution of a juvenile, and sexual assault on a kid under 15 following the conclusion of a preliminary inquiry that began in mid-March.

A 22-year-old young woman presented herself to Parisian police in March, stating that she had been held hostage for five years by the wealthy guy who had raped her, according to a source close to the case reported by the radio.

The young woman would have been obliged to locate an alternate to take over if he had become too old for her. The residence was then occupied by a 14-year-old girl.

Jacques Bouthier Net Worth

As the CEO of one of the most reputed companies, Jacques Bouthier's net worth is expected to be around a billion dollars. He has achieved a lot in his career and it is certain that he has collected a hefty amount of money.

However, with the recent case of human trafficking and rape, Bouthier is likely to lose almost everything he has if he gets convicted. Hence, the exact details of his worth cannot be estimated as of now.