Brandon L. Van Grack (@BVanGrack) is a partner and co-chair of the National Security and Crisis Management practices at Morrison & Foerster LLP. ( Source : Lawfareblog )

Brandon Van Grack currently serves as a co-Chair of National Security Practice in the U.S. People are curious to find out his Wikipedia details and married life.

Brandon Van Grack is linked with Morrison & Foerster's National Security. Investigations, criminal defence, and compliance issues concerning sanctions and export restrictions, foreign investment, and cyber events are the main areas of his activity.

After more than ten years of service at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), where he held numerous high national security roles, Brandon joined Morrison & Foerster.

In those roles, he oversaw each criminal investigation involving sanctions and export controls. In addition, he assisted in identifying and utilizing the American government's capabilities to counter perceived national security risks in China and Russia.

Brandon at the DOJ led and overseen some of the government's most noteworthy national security investigations. In addition, he worked as the Special Counsel's Office's Senior Assistant Special Counsel.

Brandon Van Grack Wikipedia Bio - Who Is He?

At Morrison & Foerster LLP, Brandon L. Van Grack is a partner and the co-chair of the National Security and Crisis Management practices.

He was a senior national security official in the U.S. Department of Justice. He held the positions of Senior Assistant Special Counsel to Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III and Chief of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) Unit.

Additionally, he served as a trial lawyer in the Counter intelligence & Export Control Section, counselled the Assistant Attorney General for the National Security Division, and was a prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Brandon oversaw the investigation and prosecution of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn as one of Special Counsel Mueller's senior assistants. He played a significant role in the trial team.

Brandon oversaw the Russia investigation for several months before Special Counsel Mueller was appointed, acting on the Acting Attorney General's orders.

He worked on resolving practically every significant corporate export control matter while serving as counsel to the Assistant Attorney General for National Security and a trial lawyer in the Counter intelligence & Export Control Section.

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Insights On Brandon Van Grack Wife And Married Life 

Brandon Van Grack has a wonderful married life with his wife, Claire Bohnengel. The couple married on Sept. 21, 2014, and have been living together since then.

Brandon Van Grack married his wife in Toledo Museum of Art, Great Gallery
Brandon Van Grack married his wife in Toledo Museum of Art, Great Gallery( Source : Toledoblade )

Besides his wedding date and wife, Brandon has still not opened up about his life behind his work as he is dedicated to his position for his country. 

Many people of his age and status have a married life and a family, including a wife and children, so it is obvious for Brandon to have a married life, but he has not revealed if he has children.

He is also available on Twitter under the username @BVanGrack; however, there is no info on his personal life. He only tweets about things related to his work rather than his family life.

From his Twitter account, it can be found he is also fond of basketball and might go to basketball games with his family members. But unfortunately, he has only made six posts on his Twitter handle.

He prosecuted over 30 export control and sanctions cases as a trial lawyer, including the first-ever proceedings involving North Korea, WMDs, and the Atomic Energy Act.

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