Ashley Cain Gribble is married to her husband, Dalton Gribble, and many fans believed the rumor of her dating Timothy Leduc. Let us traverse into the life of the celebrity couple behind the camera.

Ashley Cain Gribble is a professional pair skater from the United States. She has been crowned the National championship twice in her career. The skater is famously known for her performance with her co-partner Timothy Leduc.

However, the athlete is married to Dalton Gribble. While many people believed Ashley and Timothy were a couple beyond their professional life.

Ashley Cain Gribble Husband: Who Is Dalton Gribble? 

Dalton Gribble is in the limelight with her wife Ashley being a participant for the US in the 2022 Winter Olympics. However, the couple's love story goes way back in time.

Dalton was fondly in love with Ashley and proposed to her in 2015 with long dating history. With more than four years of engagement, Ashley and her husband Dalton publicly tied their knot in 2019.

The celebrity spouse has been confidential in his life, and his details have not surfaced on the internet. He must be a successful person in his career but does not intend to discuss it in the media.

Dalton Gribble Age: How Old Is He?

Dalton has been a tough cookie to crack in, revealing his details. However, he seems to be enjoying himself in his late 20s. The celebrity spouse celebrates his birthday on the 14th of November.

Ashley posted a cute picture of the couple together wishing her husband a happy birthday on Instagram. She even wrote the caption, "Happy birthday, babe, wishing I was with you right now."

On the other hand, Dalton's wife Ashley is 26 years of age. The skater celebrated her birthday on the 22nd of July and was born in the year 1995.

Read Dalton Gribble Wikipedia: Biography Explored 

Dalton is not a celebrity and has is not globally known as his wife. Presently, Dalton's name is missing on the official site of Wikipedia. However, he must be proud of her wife for making it to Wikipedia.

Dalton is working as a lead installer for Absolute Noise Control. He has expertise in performing residential construction activities for client projects of various sizes. 

The creative mind Dalton has his hands on different fabulous projects around Texas, where he presently resides.

Apart from being the lead installer by profession, Dalton is a huge fan of his wife. He is cheering for his wife on the 2022 Winter Olympics and is determined to bring the gold home.

Meet Dalton Gribble On Instagram 

Dalton is an active user of Instagram and can be found with the username @dgribble_13.

The celebrity spouse has 771 followers in his name, while he only follows about 624 people on the platform. He doesn't hesitate to provide a sneak peek at his beautiful and fun-filled life with 198 posts.

However, he has kept his Instagram private, and only closed ones are privileged to have a look at. Although, his sarcastic personality can be featured on his wife's Instagram, which the username @icegirlash can explore.

How Much Is Dalton Gribble Worth? Net Worth 2022 Revealed 

Dalton's net worth is a big question mark on the internet. He only makes his appearance on the media with his wife and remains away from the spotlight most of the time.

He makes his living as a lead installer. The average salary of a lead installer based in the US is estimated at 44K dollars annually. Besides that, Dalton's wife Ashley is believed to be worth millions.

The couple together is worth millions and are enjoying their lavish life.