Eric Philip Berger and Dan Amboyer
Eric Philip Berger and Dan Amboyer( Source : pinterest )

Eric Philip Berger is a financial adviser married to the actor Dan Amboyer.

Amboyer and Berger have been living together for the past nine years after meeting on an internet dating service ten years ago. According to Berger, their relationship is proof that opposites attract.

Who Is Dan Amboyer Husband Eric Philip Berger? 

Eric Philip Berger is the long-time partner of the famous actor Dan Amboyer who works as a financial consultant.

The 42-year-old Berger works for the Swiss bank UBS in New York as a senior vice president for wealth management in the international financial services business.

Amboyer has never been open about his sexual preference. But the Younger actor felt it was time to come out as gay when he got engaged to his longtime partner Eric P. Berger.

Berger is an active member of the Founder's Council of the Williams Institute, a research and policy institute at the University of California, Los Angeles law school. This department focuses on lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender issues.

Talking about his academic qualification, he earned his bachelor's degree in finance and English from the University of Florida and an M.B.A. and a master's degree in politics from New York University.

Eric Philip Berger with his family
Eric Philip Berger with his family( Source : wikibelll )

Beyer was born in Okeechobee, Florida, to the late J. Susan Arant Berger and Philip Y. Berger. At Indian River Community College in Okeechobee, Berger's mother worked as a guidance counselor, while his father is an Okeechobee real estate agent. Late after the death of his mother, his father married Lori C. Berger. His stepmom works as a broker alongside his father in his real state business.

The adorable pair connected on Even though Dan initially hesitated to meet Eric and made an excuse to cancel their first date, the two clicked immediately.

The pair had lived together for the last nine years prior to getting married. During their trip to Woodstock in February 2016, they got engaged. On the top of Overlook Mountain, Eric got down on one knee.

At Marble Collegiate Church in New York, Eric and his then-boyfriend Dan exchanged vows. They had a house party-style celebration in the Meatpacking District for their guests because they wanted a distinctive and private wedding. With 115 family members and friends, they celebrated their special day.

Dan describes his partner Eric as "serious and organized." With both having a contrasting job as an actor and a financial planner, they aren't much different. However, Eric's Beau believes they complement each other very well.

Meet The Lovely Couple On Instagram

Dan Ambroye is quite active on Instagram, but not the same can be said for his husband, Eric Philips Miller. 

Miller appreciates his privacy and doesn't seem to share much on social media platforms. On the other hand, his husband is quite comfortable flaunting their relationship.

Though this only happened when they publicly announced their wedding. Even though Amboyer and Berger have been together for more than ten years, Amboyer admitted that he had trouble making their relationship public.

This couple now has no problem showing affection, and we can see some happy moments through Dan's Instagram posts. 

 Eric Philip Berger's Son & Family

Eric Philip Berger and Dan Amboyer have a son named Theodore Carl Amboyer-Berger. The family of three is enjoying their life.

Dan announced on Instagram that he and Eric were expecting a son on November 4, 2019. On December 13, 2019, the young Theo finally arrived in this world.

Their son often features in Dan's Instagram posts, and the little boy is the center of the couple's world.

Eric Philip Berger Net Worth- Married Life Explored

Despite being linked with a famous actor, the information regarding the Net Worth of Eric Philip Berger is a mystery.

Berger is handling the successful post of senior vice president in the Swiss bank UBS in New York, so it is safe to assume he is earning a healthy income.

Eric Philip Berger and Dan Amboyer
Eric Philip Berger and Dan Amboyer ( Source : huffpost )

Berger and Ambroyer have made Park Slope their home and are enjoying a wonderful life.  Dan remarked even after all these years; they still don't take each other for granted because they both have demanding occupations to balance. They genuinely appreciate any opportunity they get to spend time together.

The lovely couple was seen together recently when they attended the Uncoupled S1 Netflix premiere at The Paris Theater on July 26, 2022, in Newyork city.

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