Gómez died at the age of 71 at Clínica Las Américas in Medellín
Gómez died at the age of 71 at Clínica Las Américas in Medellín( Source : youtube )

Daro de Jes Gómez Zapata, simply known as Daro Gómez, was a popular music singer and composer who earned fame because of his musical style. More about what happened to the singer is discussed below.

When Dario Gomez first appeared on the scene, he was a superstar. His fans are in a lot of pain. Gomez was a well-known music artist who had a long career in the industry. EI Rey del Despecho was his nick name.

'The King of Spitefulness' wrote in one post, "Father's Day festivities with my family Valentino, my new grandson, is in the third photo. I adore you and consider you to be my virtual family. God's blessings on you."

Similarly, in another photograph, he wrote, "the best things in life are free: hug, smile, listen to good music, and of course, good memories as a family."

Colombian Singer Dario Gomez's Wife Olga Lucia Arcila: Who Is She?

Colombian singer Dario Gomez married Olga Lucia Arcila and had a wonderful life together.

She has been his companion for the past 35 years. 

Arcila inspired him to create over 40 romantic musical themes, with songs that will live on forever. 'Doa Olga was his manager and helped him reap the benefits of his efforts.

The couple decided to end their relationship in 2016, but they always maintained a healthy family coexistence for their children. They decided not to divorce legally because Olga was in charge of the business.

Dario Gomez nominated for latin music
Dario Gomez nominated for latin music( Source : instagram )

Dario later found a new partner, but it was known that they got along very well.

Olga and Dario had a lot of respect for each other after 35 years of harvesting a home, so they continued to accompany each other. The artist shared family photos on Instagram, and it appears that they shared family events together.

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Dario Gomez Children & Family Explored

Dario Gomez and his wife Olga Lucia Arcila were married for a long time, however, details and information about them are not revealed yet.

He and his wife had three children together. However, information about each individual is kept lowkey.

But after the demise of the singer, it must have been really hard for their family.

 Daro de Jess Gómez Zapata was his surname. He was born in San Jerónimo, Antioquia, Colombia. He was a Colombian citizen. His ancestors were of mixed ethnicity.

Throughout his career, his albums sold six million copies. "Nadie es Eterno" was his most famous song. His work's success earned him the moniker "El Rey del Despecho."

He wrote many hit songs, including La oveja Negra. And the people El rey del despecho, El hijo del amor (The son of love).

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Dario Gomez's Death Cause From Severe Illness: What Happened To Him?

Daro Gomez died in Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia, at Clinica Las Americas. Thousands of fans have expressed concern about his death on social media. He died at the age of 71.

When he became unresponsive, a medical team rushed him to the hospital. When he arrived at the hospital, his vital signs were out of place.

Medical personnel attempted cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but his soul had already left his body.

Many of his worried fans were asking about him on social media because there had been no official confirmation of his death from the family or medical staff. Still, we have learned that Dario is no longer alive.

Although, the actual reason for his death is yet to be known.

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