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In today's bizarre news, Derek Kammerzell, an assistant police chief in Kent, affixed an SS symbol above his nameplate on the door to his office and he was suspended, and the city paid for him to quit rather than take the case to court.

This is becoming a matter of debate among social media users. A section of people completely agrees with the state's decision while the other does not agree with it at all. 

Who Is Derek Kammerzell? Officer Resignation Amount

Derek Kammerzell is an ex-Police Chief assistant who served the City of Kent for over three decades. 

According to the city of Kent, which is south of Seattle, the officer, Assistant Chief Derek Kammerzell, taped the emblem of oak leaves and diamonds, denoting the rank of Obergruppenführer which is a high-ranking SS officer, to his office door in the year 2020 on September.

In a statement made public last week, the city claimed that it had reached a settlement with the chief on Wednesday.

After the 2020 incident, he was first granted two weeks of unpaid vacation. Mayor Dana Ralph demanded Kammerzell's resignation and placed him on paid administrative leave as a result of outraged locals and Jewish community members.

An argument between Kammerzell's attorneys and the city that seemed to be heading for court resulted from the city's attempt to effectively penalize Kammerzell once more.

However, The Seattle Times reported that temporary municipal chief administrative officer Arthur "Pat" Fiztpatrick, who also serves as the city attorney, stated on Friday that the issue had been handled through dialogue.

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Derek Kammerzell Salary And Net Worth

Derek Kammerzell's salary as the police chief for over 30 years has been expected to be respectable, despite the few controversies he's faced over the time period of his service.

As of May 27, 2022, Seattle, Washington's Sheriff/Police Chief salaries averaged $124,448; however, the range was normally between $117,501 and $132,008.

Salary ranges can vary significantly based on a variety of crucial aspects, including schooling, credentials, supplementary talents, and the length of time you've been working in a given field. 

Derek is expected to have earned the same amount as mentioned above. However, as he is unavailable on Linkedin or other career indexing sites, we cannot be sure about his exact pay range. 

Calculating all his assets and the recent compensation, the officer is expected to have a net worth of around half a million by now. Even though he has never mentioned it anywhere, his job allows him to have the aforementioned amount in the time of three decades of service.

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