EST Gee like to wear heavy jewelry. His name is in jewelry
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EST Gee is an American rapper who is well-known for his very first album, I Still Don't Feel Nun. The record increased his popularity and fan base. EST Gee has persevered despite experiencing challenging family circumstances.

On the album, he worked with a long list of other well-known rappers, including Yo Gotti. He gained immense notoriety for his appearance on the Lil Baby song Real as It Gets, which was released in 2021.

To critical acclaim, he released his EP Ion Feel Nun in March 2020. On Jack Harlow's 2020 song "Route 66," he was featured.

Who Is ESTGee Baby Mama? Kids 

EST Gee baby's mama has given birth to 2 babies. American artist EST Gee is keen on maintaining his privacy. As a result, he avoids discussing his romantic relationships with the public.

However, it has been established that Gee is the father of two kids whose images he occasionally posts on social media. EST Gee's baby mama, however, is unknown.

In addition, he has not stated whether his boys are the result of his relationships with his former girlfriends. However, many unreliable rumors regarding his relationships and indiscretions are floating around on the internet.

So, unless EST Gee offers more detail about his previous relationships, we won't know anything about his baby mama. 

ESTGee Family Background

EST Gee was born with his family on May 11, 1994, in Missouri, United States. 

He was raised in Louisville throughout his early life and had a difficult childhood because of his mafia father. He even experienced difficult financial circumstances. 

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The only person on whom he and his siblings could rely to make ends meet was his mother. The well-known rapper lost his mother in the early months of 2020 after a protracted battle with leukemia. His sibling was shot and died on the street just a week after his mother passed away.

Despite his poor financial situation, the poor rapper continued his studies. He receives an athletic scholarship to Indiana State University. He was a standout football player during his college years. Later, he thought about going into music and gave up his education to do so.

EST Gee Net Worth: How Much He Earn?

EST Gee, who is only 28 years old, has an estimated net worth of $60,000.

Gee started his career in the music industry a few years ago. He has produced a number of successful songs, such as Special and Gets Money.


On YouTube, the majority of his musical endeavors have received a lot of remarkable views. Gee is surely working on more significant and advantageous projects for the future.

In light of all of his accomplishments, EST Gee, who is only 26 years old, has an estimated net worth of $60,000. Gee frequently sports a lot of jewelry and drives a fancy automobile.

The famous rapper's journey to greatness is only getting started, therefore in the years ahead, his net worth will be measured in the millions.

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