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Lewis Haines, who is charged with the murder of an 18-year-old Lily Sullivan, has acknowledged killing her. Find out more about this case.

Police authorities discovered the body of Lily Sullivan on December 17, 2021. Lewis Haines was arrested after the incident for his involvement in the murder.

In recent days, Lewis' family, friends, and everyone who knew her paid tribute to her. Everyone adored her because she was a joyful girl with a charming personality.

Who Is Lewis Haines From Pembroke Who Murder 18-Years-old Lily Sullivan?

Lewis Haines, a father of one, has admitted to strangling and killing a young woman in a remote beauty spot.

Lily Sullivan was last seen in a nightclub with friends just hours before her body was discovered in the Mill Pond area of Pembroke, South Wales. Police were called to the ponds after reports of a female body in the water, according to coroner's officer Lisa Jenkins, who testified at an earlier inquest hearing.

He was charged with Lily's murder after she was strangled.

Today, He appeared in Swansea Crown Court, denying murder but admitting manslaughter. On June 20, he will return to court for his trial.

Sullivan and Haines allegedly met in Paddles, a Pembroke nightclub, just hours before her body was discovered. The two are claimed to have been seen speaking in the club on CCTV. It is believed that they had never met before that evening.

According to CCTV evidence, the two left the club separately and met in an alley near the club. She was dressed in a white cropped top with ripped knees and blue pants.

Who Is Lewis Haines Wife? Everything About His Family

Lewis Haines is a father of a child; thus, he may have a wife or partner; nevertheless, the identities of his wife and child have not been exposed to the public.

His personal information, including his parents, has yet to be released by the cops. During a recent hearing and trial, he was found guilty of the murder of the young teen girl.

Nonetheless, according to the victim's relatives, Lily was a loving and caring daughter who all would mourn.

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Lewis Haines Facebook Photos Revealed

A photo of Lewis Haines and Lily Sullivan went viral on Facebook.

In addition, his and the victim's images were made public, and he was charged with murder. He allegedly met the victim in a Pembroke nightclub called Paddle for the first and only time.

The girl was discovered dead in the Mill Pond just hours after meeting in the club. Lewis had not met the teen before the encounter, according to reports.

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