Reuben Gulley surrendered himself in Mobile County Metro Jail ( Source : Fox10tv )

Reuben Gulley reportedly met Randon Lee on Saint Stephens road for marijuana, but someone began shooting Randon, leaving him injured with gunshot injuries on June 24, 2022. 

Reuben Gulley is an accused man for the murder of Randon Lee, who surrendered himself in the case of Ophelia Nichols's son's murder. In particular, Reuben is the prime suspect in the murder of Nichols's son Randon Lee. The investigating officer has put him in Mobile County Metro Jail for further investigation

Reuben got arrested on Thursday at 5 pm on August 18, 2022. Randon's murder case got highlighted after his mother, Ophelia, appealed for help from the people on the social platform in June. 

Ophelia's emotional video broke down everyone, and people have been raising their voices for Randon's justice since then. Further, Randon was about to turn nineteen a few days later, but someone shot him dead.

Ophelia is a well-followed TikTok star from Alabama, United States, and people recognize her as Mamatot on TikTok.  

Who Is Reuben Gulley? Arrest Made In Killing Of Local TikTok Star’s Son

Reuben Gulley is accused man for the murder of a local TikTok star's son Randon Lee. The investigating officer arrested Reuben on August 18, following the investigation. Reuben reportedly shot him at the Exxon on St. Stephen Road in Prichard, Alabama. 

TikTok star Ophelia Nichols an her late son Randon Lee
TikTok star Ophelia Nichols an her late son Randon Lee( Source : Facebook )

In particular, Randon drove to the Enegizzer gas station, and Reuben reportedly shot him and left him with fatal injuries from a gunshot. The Mobile County District Attorney's office has confirmed Reuben's arrest but has not forwarded any details about the ongoing investigation. 

The officers might present him in court within a few days of a detailed investigation. Meanwhile, many wonder if he pleads to the murder of Randon in the inquiry. However, the authorities have not shared anything about his current statement. 

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How Old Is Reuben Gulley? Age Explored

Reuben Gulley reportedly has reached the age of 20 at the current date. However, his complete date of birth is yet to reveal on the web. It is hard to accept such a young man murdered of eighteen years old teen. 

In particular, Randon was just eighteen and turned 19 on June 25, as he was born to his mother, Ophelia Nichols, on June 25, 2003, in the United States. On the other hand, many want to learn more about Reuben on the web at the current date.  

However, the authorities have not revealed much information on the web about Reuben's personal and professional life. According to investigating, Randon met up with two people, including Reuben, to sell marijuana, which led to the shooting. 

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Reuben Gulley Family Details

Reuben Gulley is probably an unmarried guy and does not have a wife and children in his family at the current date. However, there are no authentic sources to verify the information regarding his family details on the web. 

Further, the authorities have not disclosed any information about his family affair on the web due to the securities region. In addition, his family has not appeared in public on his behalf. 

Reuben has kept his distance from any social platforms and has not shared anything about his personal life and family matter on social media over the past few years. However, his family might be praying for his non-involvement in Randon's murder.