Richard's ex-wife Teresa is an actress and a model
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Richard Jefferson wife Teresa Lourenco is an actress and model. Teresa Lourenco and Richard got separated at the start of his basketball career.

The sportsperson is considered among the most talented basketball players in the USA. Aside from his career, he has gained chiefly views for his video content on TikTok and Instagram making him an evolving internet celebrity. 

His social media has become one of the well-known aspects of his life, if not his NBA career.

Even so, Richard is one of the country's notable basketball players, having been named to the NBA All-Rookie Second Team in his first season in 2001.

Richard Jefferson Wife Teresa Lourenco

Richard Jefferson wife Teresa Lourenco is a talented actress and model. Teresa Lourenco and Richard are no longer together as she is married to Marcus Antebi.

The basketball player had kept most of the information about his only marriage secret for an extended period. Still, it came out eventually as the couple was seen making occasional public appearances.

Richard and the actress couldn't continue together further due to personal issues, and eventually, they decided to call off their relationship after only being married for a short period.

However, Teresa is not the only woman with whom he had a relationship.

The sportsperson was engaged to be married to dancer and cheerleader Kesha Ni'cole Nichols.

Richard's ex-wife Teresa with her current husband, Marcus
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The two had dated for five years and were to be married on two different occasions. But Jefferson broke off the engagement both times.

The couple was scheduled to be married on July 11, 2009, at the Mandarin Oriental. However, Jefferson called off the wedding the night before. The budget for the wedding was listed to be $2 million.

Hence, he is notorious as the NBA player who left his wife at the altar.

Does Richard Jefferson Have Kids?

Richard Jefferson does not have kids at the moment. He had been in a relationship with two women, but none were successful enough for him to have children.

The basketball star was born to Meekness LeCato and Richard Jefferson Sr. who were Christians. Despite being a native of Los Angeles,  due to his parents' work, he moved around the country often and was raised in Phoenix.

Richard doesn't have kids at the moment
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Jefferson started playing basketball during his high school days and his family. His family did not support him during the beginning of his career, but later on, they realized he could be a star and supported him. 

He has kept most of the information about his personal matters under the curtain and also hasn't shared any views on starting his own family in the near future.