Tanja Smith, a model with Big Fish NW Talent Representation, appears to be experimenting with her acting skills in films. Tanja's future film "KIWI" will be released in 2022. 

Tanja Smith is a New York-based model. She has appeared on the cover pages of various high-end publications.

She has earned her work with the hard work and talent that she owns. A list of her projects is pipe-lined in the following days to come. 

Tanja Smith: What Is Her Nationality?

Tanja Smith is a runway and editorial model who has been in multiple fashion weeks and shows.

She recently completed work on the film Kiwi, which awaits its release in 2022.

The middle-aged model is married to a man whose name is behind the curtains. The model works via a New York-based agency.

According to her recent posts on Instagram, Tanja did a flattering photo shoot in Glow Museum by Nelson Tang Photography.

Find Tanja Smith Age And Height

Tanja Smith appears to be a middle-aged woman in her late 30s. Her age is estimated based on her photographs and marital status.

However, we stress in our defense that the statistics supplied may change depending on the model's validation.

We are well aware that it is irrational to speculate one's age solely by appearance. Unfortunately, we have no alternative option due to a lack of facts.

Besides that, Tanja has maintained a stunning physique standing 5 feet and 9 inches tall. 

Tanja Smith Wikipedia: Her Biography Revealed

Wikipedia does not yet have an article dedicated to Tanja Smith. Despite working on numerous projects for several years, the model has yet to flaunt on Wikipedia. 

Other reputable websites, such as IMDb and elcinema.com, and more gave the model space to feature on their sites. 

Tanja may have started her profession later since it is better to start late than never. She has been featured in British Vogue and on the covers of various magazines. 

Tanja is a full-time model who has just branched out into acting. Her progress in the modeling industry is apparent via her Instagram photos.

Tanja graduated from Braca Karic University in Belgrade, Serbia, with a degree in management studies.

She works with Big Fish NW Talent Representation as a model.

Who Is Her Husband? Know Tanja Smith Marital Status

Tanja Smith is married to a man whose identity is unknown. On Instagram, he goes by the handle @bleachgarage.

Tanja's husband could be a garage owner specializing in Model specifications, technical data on parts, and information on how to do repairs on Datsuns.

In July 2021, the couple did a wedding-style modeling photoshoot for TOP POSTERS Magazine, of which the results are visible on Tanja's Instagram account @tasha.tanya.

The couple is happily married and has a lovely dog at home. They don't have any children yet, but they might have plans for the future.