Tash Sefton and her first husband Mark have separated. Tash Sefton and her new partner Adam Genovese are yet to be married.

Sefton leaped corporate fashion work to style blogger; the rest is history. She co-owns Sefton Segedin with her sister Hayley Segedin.

The street style influencer is the founder of They All Hate Us, a fashion online shopping destination that exploded onto the scene in 2007

As a health-conscious Blackmores spokesperson, Tash runs or takes a Pilates class daily. Her life has revolved around fashion, and she has spent more than 20 years focusing her professional career on the fashion sector.

Tash has a long list of accomplishments, including co-hosting her makeover program, Style Squad, from 2016–17 and continuing to work with some of the most significant fashion companies on the globe.

Tash Sefton Husband

Tash Sefton and her husband Mark separated in 2021. Mark is an IT professional and hails from Melbourne.

The former couple was heavily complimented on their Victorian-style home, where they moved in 2015. They lived by the beach in Manly previously.

The house is spacious with Tash's incredible collection, making the flair with personality and has attracted many people's attention.

Mark is very fond of art; he made an annual art purchase to commemorate their anniversary. They even had a vast collection of books. The former couple was gifted with arts instead of wedding presents in their marriage.

In a podcast with So, I Quit My Day Job, she would never wear anything that brought back bad memories.

Tash Is Presently on A Family Vacation with Adam

Tash met her present partner Adam Genovese while working for Alexander &CO.

Sefton made her first post with Adam on May 29, 2022, when many thought, she was still married to Mark. But the fact is that Tash and Mark are divorced.

Tash was the one to design Adam’s Genovese Coffee House, which was shortlisted in this year’s Australian Interior Design Awards.

Tash and her family enjoying vacation to India
Tash and her family enjoying vacation to India ( Source : instagram )

Alfio Genovese, Adam's grandpa, founded Genovese in 1970 after deciding to roast coffee in the genuine Italian way that he knew and loved. Adam maintains his legacy with the Coffee House today, honoring its rich and historic heritage.

Adam serves as a 50-year-old Melbourne coffee roasting business and decades-long wholesaler in Sydney. He loves Espresso; she stated that he has been drinking coffee since he was five.

How Many Children Does Tash Sefton Have?

Tash Sefton and Mark are the parents of two children, Jay and Mac. Jay is sixteen years old, while his brother Mac is only ten.

Sefton is now also a stepmother to her present lover Adam’s two children, Tom and Sophie Genovese.

Like their parents, they love drawing and painting and appreciate art. Their pictures and drawings are hung on the walls of their home, adding life to her home.

The Free street stylist with her two boys in Red Fort Agra India
The Free street stylist with her two boys in Red Fort Agra India ( Source : instagram )

Tash revealed that motherhood made her relaxed and helped her multi-tasking skills. Being her boss has spared much of Tash's time to devote to her children and husband.

She can now adjust her busy schedule around her children's routine and spend time with them.

Jay and Mac share their parents' enthusiasm for literature. She discovered the elephant bedding at Anthropologie in New York since Mac is fond of elephants.