Nina Kosaka is an English Virtual YouTuber affiliated with NIJISANJI EN's third wave
Nina Kosaka is an English Virtual YouTuber affiliated with NIJISANJI EN's third wave "Ethyria,."( Source : fandom )

Nina Kosaka is a famous female English Virtual YouTuber affiliated with the third wave of NIJISANJI EN, "Ethyria."

She is a breathtaking and brilliant personality who calls herself a trickster and a fraud, as mentioned in her YouTube's about section. Nina is also affiliated with Millie Parfait, Reimu Endou, and Enna Alouette.

Nina is affectionately called the mom of NIJISANJIEN because of her doting and supportive behavior. Other Livers consider her a trustworthy person who will always lend an ear to their troubles.

The VTuber often refers to her fellow Livers as her kids and goes out of her way to support new EN members early on. Nina's streams have an excellent reputation among viewers for a healing and comfy atmosphere.

  • Nina is fluent in languages like English, French, and Russian.
  • She also conducts chat streams with her Russian and French fans.
  • Her fluency in the Russian language is the reason she enjoys a sizeable Russian fan base.
  • Nina loves drinking wine.
  • She calls her fellow liver friends and her viewers honey. 
  • The VTuber enjoys cooking.

Has VTuber Nina Kosaka Done Face Reveal?

Just like every Virtual YouTuber, Nina Kosaka prefers to keep herself behind the curtains of her YouTube character.

Nina has kept herself hidden from the limelight and has not revealed her real face.

She hides her true self under the beautiful visuals of some animated characters. None of their viewers know about how they look or what they are.

Nina Kosaka is nicknamed as Keeper of Luck, Mom , and Nani Kusa
Nina Kosaka is nicknamed as Keeper of Luck, Mom , and Nani Kusa( Source : zerochan )

However, they know how they sound as virtual YouTubers contact their fans through live streams where they can only hear their voice. During the interaction, they openly share their character's likes and dislikes with their fans.

From time to time, Kosaka presents herself as a boomer who is not much well-versed with the web, such as claiming to use Internet Explorer as her main browser and prefixing the names of social media websites with "the" ("the TikToks").

Despite Nina's nurturing personality, she has a cunning and sadistic side which typically manifests through her dark sense of humor. She claims she would sell Finana Ryugu over a few bottles of wine.

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Who Is VTuber Nina Kosaka?

VTuber Nina Kosaka is one of the third waves of Ethyria of NIJISANJI EN's English visual YouTubers.

Nina effortlessly creates very comfortable streams and a healing atmosphere every time she is there. The VTuber sarcastically calls her viewers pathetic when they deny sacrificing their lives for her.

She often shows her soft and sassy side to her fans. Nina is a very soothing character - but also has a sadistic side. She is also regarded as a very trustworthy character as she never fails to hear all the troubles of others patiently.

Nina Kosaka has garnered over 482k subscribers on her YouTube channel with more than 300 videos.
Nina Kosaka has garnered over 482k subscribers on her YouTube channel with more than 300 videos.( Source : youtube )

On October 9, 2021, Ethyria made its debut as part of a special program hosted on the NIJISANJI EN channel. OBSYDIA provided the commentary, and Kosaka was the group's first member to debut.

Later all four members joined the main channel's special program to receive the congratulations of OBSYDIA. Ethyria's first original song, God sees all, premiered shortly after the unique program.

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VTuber Nina Kosaka Real Name And Nationality

Nina Kosaka has not shared her real name; however, she is a female English Virtual YouTuber.

She gained enormous fame with her attractive personality in no time. Nina joined Twitter in September 2021 with the username @NinaKosaka, and in less than a year, she has garnered over 581.4k followers on the platform.

Nina is also effortlessly available on Instagram under the nametag @kosakanina. With only ten Instagram posts, she enjoys a fan base of over 8.4k followers. Her first Instagram post landed on December 1, 2021.

The stunning purple-headed pretty character has gained over 482k subscribers on her YouTube channel with over 300 videos. She made her debut on YouTube on September 15, 2021, with a video titled "Debut_Stream How _Lucky! [NIJISANJI_EN-Nina_Kosaka]."

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Some FAQs:

How old is VTuber Nina Kosaka?

Nina Kosaka has not shared her age - but she celebrates her birthday on November 22.

What is Nina Kosaka Height?

She stands 165 cm tall.

Does she have an Instagram account?

Yes, Nina Kosaka is available on Instagram.

What is the nickname of Nina Kosaka?

She is affectionately referred to as Keeper of Luck, Mom, and Nani Kusa.