Former Lamitan, Basilan Mayor Rose Furigay
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Former Lamitan Mayer Rose Furigay passed away after a gunman assassinated her when she attended the graduation ceremony of her daughter, Hannah.

Although her daughter managed to escape, her condition is still unstable. Victor George Capistrano, her aide, and security guard Jeneven Bandiola also lost their lives after getting caught in the war.

Her murderer, Chao Tiao Yumul, was a doctor who forged his oath of protecting people to kill a beloved mayor.

The university has condemned the act of violence while extending its deepest condolences to the victim's families and the traumatized attendees of the ceremony.

Who Was The Lamitan Mayor Rose Furigay? 

Rose Furigay was the mayor of Lamitan City before surrendering power to her husband, Roderick, in July.

She rose to authority in 2013 as she overtook the same position held by her spouse since 2004. 

Indeed, she achieved many improvements in her regime, specifically, the well-coordinated fiscal management while raising local tax collection and instituting full disclosure of local government transactions.

Her supporter rejoiced over their policy of lessening the business process in the city while making social services observable and obtainable to a constituency of a hundred thousand people.

For four consecutive years, the local government earned four Seals of Good Local Governance, cementing her as the people's politician. 


When asked about her relinquishing of powers, she answered that she had served her time and wanted to live a civilian life as a mother to her three daughters.

While she was the server of her people for nine years, her children had to stay without a doting mother as that is the role she wished to continue.

Rose Furigay Died In Ateneo de Manila University Shooting Incident - What Happened?

Former Mayer and philippine politician Rose Furigay was one of the unfortunate at the Ateneo de Manila University during the shooting. 


The people gathered for the university graduation ceremony in the Philippines' capital region as it ended with the passing of their people.

Remus Medina, Local Quezon City police chief, gave his understanding of the situation, stating it was the assassination of the former mayor of the southern Lamitan city. 

The campus security chased and wounded the suspect after a car chase. He is now in custody and is awaiting further questioning after getting treatment.

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The police also revealed that they found him with two pistols as he did not have any relatives at the graduation. But he was part of a pro-Islamist State radical group notorious for its robbery and abduction.

Is Rose Furigay Daughter Hanna Rose Hospitalized?

Rose Furigay passed away, and her daughter, Hannah, got wounded after getting in the way of the bullet. 

The politician came to the capital to attend the graduation ritual of her daughter, Hannah when a slaughter attempt ended up taking her life. 

Sadly the joyous celebration of triumph turned into a nightmare as the faculty and their families were robbed of their glee when an armed man rained shells at the guests.

Reports stated that her child would be capping off her grueling law studies when the incident occurred. 

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But things could have been a lot worse if the university did not act according to protocol and shut the place down, not letting the assailant roam free. 

Moreover, the institutions have promised to strengthen their security, giving them a much-awaited wake-up call to the impending threats.