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Sherra Wright, Lorenzen Wright's ex-wife, pled guilty to charges related to his murder over twelve years after his body was discovered. What have we learned about the case since it was first opened, and what unanswered questions remain?

A jury found a Tennessee man guilty of the slaying of former NBA star Lorenzen Wright, whose bullet-riddled body was discovered in a field in his hometown of Memphis over 12 years ago. Lorenzen Wright's murderer has been sentenced to life in prison.

Find Out Why Sherra Wright Murdered Lorenzen Wright? The Wife Turned Murderer

In the year 2019, nearly nine years after the decaying and bullet-riddled body of former Memphis Grizzlies center Lorenzen Wright was discovered by Memphis police cadaver dogs, The player's ex-wife, Sherra Wright, pleaded guilty to charges related to the murder.

She was found guilty of first-degree murder facilitation and a criminal attempt to commit first-degree murder by Shelby County Judge Lee Coffee. Wright's guilty plea was reached as part of a deal between her lawyers and Shelby County prosecutors, who had planned to put her on trial in September.

Sherra Wright, who pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting her hooper husband's murder in 2019, was refused parole in a hearing and must remain in prison.

Wright was sentenced to 30 years in jail by Judge Coffee. Based on the amount of time he has already spent and his eligibility for parole, Lorenzen might be released as early as 2026.

If Wright had gone to trial and been found guilty of first-degree murder, she would have spent the rest of her life in prison. Lorenzen's family is putting all their effort into giving their son the justice he deserves.

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Sherra Wright's Age in 2022: Do They Have Children Together?

Sheera Wright was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1971. As of 2022, she is 51 years old. Her nationality is American and she is of African American ethnicity.

She and Lorenzen met in high school. At the time, she was in a relationship with Issac Hayes, and she broke up with him to begin a new relationship with Lorenzen. The couples have seven kids—three daughters and four sons.

Their daughter Sierra died in the year 2003 due to SIDS. Their children's names are Sharma, Lawrenson, Sofia, Sierra, Loren, Lamar, and Lorenzen Wright Jr. After the death of their daughter, Sherra applied for a divorce.

In the year 2010, their divorce was granted. She also asked that her ex-husband pay her $26,000 every month.

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What Was Sheera Wright's Motive Behind Lorenzen Wright's Murder?

Prosecutors say Wright's ex-wife, Sherra Wright, plotted the murder of her ex-husband and enlisted the cooperation of Turner and her cousin, Jimmie Martin. More than seven years after the homicide, Turner and Sherra Wright were indicted in December 2017.

Sherra pleaded guilty to the facilitation of murder. Turner and Martin, armed with firearms, proceeded to Wright's Atlanta condo, entered via a window, and discovered someone sleeping on the couch in the living area—but it wasn't Lorenzen Wright, according to Martin. Turner and Martin arrived at their destination without killing anyone.


Martin informed prosecutor Paul Hagerman that he was in Batesville, Mississippi, just after midnight on July 19, 2010. When the incident occurred, Sherra Wright claimed that he went to the Memphis field with Martin a few days after the incident and she confessed.

Martin further said that Turner and Wright disposed of evidence from the shooting scene and that he went with Turner to discard the weapon in a north Mississippi lake. Martin claimed that he told detectives where the gun was in 2012. FBI divers later discovered it.