Matt plays the role of doctor in the film Matilda
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Will I Am is not in Matilda The Musical. Matt Henry plays the role of doctor in the musical fantasy film Matilda The Musical.

Matilda is a 2022 musical movie directed by Matthew Warchus. After the release of the musical movie Matilda on November 25, the movie received a good response from the audience. The plot of the comedy-musical movie is very engaging and very musical.

Matilda, who is born to Mrs. Wormwood, grows into a charming child who enjoys reading and pays daily visits to Mr. Phelps, the librarian. Miss Jennifer Honey and an inspector visit the house one day and advise Matilda to be sent to school after discovering she had not been well schooled.

Matilda topped the UK box office in its first weekend, grossing £4.1 million (about $5,009,820), surpassing the previous two weeks' holder, Wakanda Forever. The movie Matilda is also available on Netflix. 

Is Will I Am In Matilda The Musical?

Will I Am is not in the movie Matilda The Musical. Matt Henry plays the role of doctor in Matilda The Musical.

One user named Ki tweeted on Twitter, "Is this Will I Am in this new Matilda movie or I’m tripping?" Some casting choices for the movie Matilda have confused various fans.

Alisha Weir takes on the classic main role in the new Matilda, while Stephen Graham and Andrea Riseborough portray Matilda's revolting parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood.

Miss Trunchbull, Matilda's adversary, is played by Emma Thompson, and Miss Honey, Matilda's inspirational teacher, is played by Lashana Lynch. However, some fans have been confused by other guest star casts.

Many Twitter users have speculated on whether or not is in the film or whether or not Matt Henry is in the film. Another user named KYN tweeted, "Why is the doctor in the new Matilda literally will-i-am?"

The third user named V tweeted, "The doctor in Matilda, the musical movie, is singing. He’s so good. Omg." Another user, Abbie, expressed her happiness when she tweeted," I can't believe Matt Henry is in the Matilda the Musical movie as the doctor."

Singer Matt Henry Plays The Role Of Doctor In Matilda

Singer Matt Henry has also contributed to the movie Matilda. He produced the song Miracle in the movie.

Henry is a singer, actor, and performer from Britain who has won a Laurence Olivier Award. Growing up in a single-parent household, Matt considers his mother as his inspiration, continually encouraging him to pursue his dreams.

Henry on tour with Alpha's The Best of The West End
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Matt enjoyed music as a child and recalls singing in church at the age of four. While he had always wanted to work in the performing arts, his mother encouraged him to finish his studies and attend university.

Matt earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Roehampton University of Surrey. Matt responded to an open call to audition for the part of Simba in The Lion King while still in his second year.

He was not meant to audition for professional roles as a student, but he skipped classes, pretending he had a doctor's appointment and went to the audition. He recently performed a song in the film Matilda that was well-received by the audience.

On Spotify, the song Miracle has listened to 184000 times. It is amongst the trending song in the movie Matilda.