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Winners of Survivor in order include Mike Gabler, Maryanne Oketch, Erika Casupana, Tony Vlachos, Tommy Shehaan, and more.

Survivor is a successful American reality competition that debuted on May 31, 2000. Jeff Probst is the host of the show.

The show refers to the grabbing of various competitors in an isolated place where the physical ability and lone survival instincts of people are tested. The winner will be awarded the title "Sole Survivor" through the votes of participating contestants.

The show has been running for almost two decades. With its twist and turns, the show has been grabbing people's attention as it has been among the Top ten most-watched shows.

The series has completed its 43 seasons as a people favorite and launched its 44th season on March 1, 2023.

Among all seasons, Season 40 was regarded as the iconic one as it has all the previous winners of the shows and was named "Winners at War."

Here is the list of winners of Survivor In Order: Season 43 to 1.

Season 43: Mike Gabler

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Mike Gabler is the winner of the survivor series, season 43.

The show was hosted on the Mamanuca Islands, Fiji. Despite being the oldest contestant in the show's season, his strong social game and effective strategy entitled him the title "Sole Survivor," beating his opponents in a 7-1-0 vote.

Gabler defeated Cassidy Clark and Owen Knight. Mike donated all his winning prize pool worth millions to charities supporting veterans.

Season 42: Maryanne Oketch

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Maryanne Oketch is the second Canadian personality to win the 42nd series of the American reality show "Survivor."

Oketch has been crowned the " Sole Survivor" title after beating by 7-1-0 votes.

Escobar decision to force Mike Turner and Young to compete for eliminations for the final three helps Maryanne to be in the finals.

Maryanne beats Mike Turner and Romeo Escobar in the finals. Later she received critical applause for her gameplay that season.

Season 41: Erika Casupanan

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Erika Casupanan is the first Filipino and Canadian to win the competition series. She was the winner of the 41st season of the show.

Erika is a Canadian professional titled "Sole Survivor" in the "Survivor" series. She defeated Deshawn Radden and Xander Hastings by 7-1-0 votes.

Her social adaptability, strategic gameplay, and ability to avoid being targeted grab the jury's attention as she was voted by all the jury members except Danny Mcray.

Following her win, she was awarded a key to Niagara Falls by the mayor of Niagara Falls.

Season 40: Tony Vlachos

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Anthony Vlachos is the second contestant to win two seasons of reality series. He is the winner of season 40 of Survivor: Winners at War.

Season 40 contained all the previous show winners from the Survivor series competing for the best of the best. It was one of the best seasons where two tribes of ten winners of past Survivor seasons participated.

Tony won the finale by 12-4-0 votes keeping behind Natalie Anderson and Michele Fitzgerald. Vlachos was known for his humorous nature, dominant gameplay, and ability to manipulate other contestants without being voted against.

Following his win in the Winners at War series, Martin Holmes of Vulture titled Tony the "King of Survivors."

Season 39: Tommy Shehaan

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Tommy Shehaan is an American elementary school teacher from New York. He was the winner of the reality series Survivor, Season 39.

He participated as a contestant 39th season of the series Survivor: Islands of the Idols. He won the show by 8-2-0 votes putting behind Dean Kowalski and Noura Salman in the finals. 

He explained how he makes bonds with his tribe and his ability to control the flow of the game. Although being questioned by the jury about his lack of big moves compared to others, it was revealed later that Shehaan won the show.

After the win, he explained his desire to continue as a teacher despite winning worth a million dollars.

Season 38: Chris Underwood

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Chris Underwood is an American Sales manager from Carolina. He won the season Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

The sales manager won the title with a vote of 9-4-0. He defeated Gavin Whitson and Julie Rosenberg in the final round. 

One of the jury members praised him for the efforts that he has kept in a short period as compared to others in 39 days and defended him.

Underwood was voted by nine of the jury members except for Aurora McCreary, Devens, O'Connell, and Wentworth. 

Season 37: Nick Wilson

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Nick Wilson is an American Politician and a Public Defender. He was the winner of the 37th season of "Survivor."

Nick was declared a winner through a vote count of 7-3-0. He overcomes Mike White and Angelina Keeley in the final to become the winner.

While in the game, Wilson was praised for his prolific social judgment but was criticized for maxing out too early. His role as an underdog in the game impressed the judges as he was entitled the "Sole Survivor." of the 37th season.

Nick became the ninth winner of the show in history following the win. Zero votes were received against him. Later he was cast in the 40th season of "Winners at War" alongside other previous winners.

Season 36: Wendell Holland

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Wendall Holland is an American furniture shop owner. He is known for winning the 36th season of "Survivor: Ghost Island."

Wendell has declared the winner in the final round as the third finalist. Johnson played a Jury role in the deciding vote. After the votes were tied up, the third finalist cast the winning vote declaring Holland as the winner.

The jury members praised him for his effortless social game. He defeated Perkins for the remaining place in the finals.

Wendall returned to participate in the 40th season of the show "Winners at War." She was eliminated in 13th place in that season.

Season 35 : Ben Driebergen

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Ben Driebergen is the winner of the 35th edition of the series. He is an American Marine Corps veteran from the USA.

Ben is well known for his "Sole Survivor" title in "Survivor: Heroes. vs. Healers. vs. Hustlers." He defeated Chrissy Holfbeck and Ryan Ulrich with votes 5-2-1.

Driebergen was applauded for his strong strategic gameplay but was criticized for passive social games. Ben received five of the eight votes in the finale.

He participated in the 40th edition of the show and finished the game securing 5th place in that season's "Winners at War." Other previous winners also had participated in that season.

Season 34: Sarah Lacina

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Sarah Lacina is an American Police offer from Muscatine. Sarah won the 34th season of the series.

Lacina previously participated in the 28th season of "Survivor" alongside Tony Vlachos. Later in the 34th season, she defeated Brader Culpepper and Troyzan Robertson in the final round. 

Sarah received seven out of ten votes in the final round and claimed the title of "Sole Survivor."

She later participated in the Survivor: Winners at War alongside other winners for the title. She came forth in that season.

Season 33 : Adam Klien

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Adam Klien is a keynote speaker and a homeless shelter manager. Adam won the 33rd season of the Survivor series.

Klien defeated Hannah Shapiro and Ken McNickle, becoming the fifth unanimous winner in Survivor History. He received all ten jury votes in the finale.

He was praised for his ability to do whatever to make a place in the finals where the others failed. He explains his mother's inspiration as a motivation to keep winning to the jury members.

Adam rushed to meet his mother after the wrapping of the particular season as her soul departed a few hours after his arrival. Later he announced to donate his $100,000 to a charitable program for transitional cancer research.

Season 32: Michele Fitzgerald

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Michele Fitzgerald is best known for winning the Survivor series 32nd edition. She is an American travel Consultant.

Michele was decided as the winner on May 18, 2016. She defeated Abby Braco and Tai Trang with five out of seven jury votes in the final round. 

She was initially criticized for her passive gameplay but later applauded for her improved performance as the game progressed. She became the first winner in the Survivor series history to be born in the 1990s period.

Fitzgerald also participated in the 40th edition of the show "Winners at Wars," where she came second runner-up in the finals.

Season 31: Jeremy Collins

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Jeremy Collins won the 31st season of the Survivor series "Cambodia." Jeremy is an American firefighter.

He was the previous contestant from the 29th season who was voted for participation for the second time. 

Collins was the fourth winner in Survivor history, receiving all ten out of ten votes from the jury. He defeated Spencer Bledsoe and Tasha Fox in the finals.

The firefighter was praised for his honor, integrity, and loyalty in the game to his teammates but was criticized for voting out Kimmi. He also expressed his joy in participating for the second time.

Season 30: Mike Holloway

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Mike Holloway was one of the 18 players selected for the 30th season of the Survivor series. Mike was an oil driller.

He won the "Sole Survivor" title defeating Will Sim II and Carolyn Rivera. He received six votes out of eight votes from the jury. 

Holloway won five out of six immunity challenges in a season to make a spot in the finals. His name is listed with Colby Donaldson, Tom Westman, Terry Deitz, Ozzy Lusth, and Brad Culpepper for the most immunity wins in a single season.

Season 29: Natalie Anderson

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Natalie Anderson was titled the sole survivor in Survivor: San Juan del Sur. She participated with her twin sister together.

Despite her sister being voted out first, she played strong to win the title of sole survivor. Natalie defeated Jaclyn Schultz and Missy Payne by 5-2-1.

The jury members applauded Natalie for her tactical gameplay, solid social game, and physical accomplishment. She was announced as a winner on December 17, 2014.

Anderson's other appearances include her participation in "Winners at Wars." She finished second with four votes received in the final round in that edition.

Season 28: Tony Vlachos

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Tony Vlachos is the second person to win two seasons of the Survivor series in history of Survivor. Tony was born on September 10, 1973.

Vlachos was titled the "Sole Survivor" in the 28th season of the Survivor series " Survivor: Cagayan." It was his first participation in the Survivor series.

He won his first title defeating Woo Hwang by a vote count of 8-1. He received 8 out of 9 votes in the finals.

Besides this season, Tony participated in the 34th season, where he was second to be voted out. However, he won the 40th season of the Survivor series and was the first to win the two seasons.


Season 27: Tyson Apostol

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Tyson Apostol is well known for his multiple participation in various seasons of the Survivor Series. Tyson claimed his title on the third attempt.

Previously he participated in the 18th and 20th editions of the Survivor series finishing in eighth and fifteenth place. Apostol later won the 27th season defeating Monica Culpepper and Gervase Peterson with seven out of eight votes received.

Despite being responsible for most of the jury members' eliminations, he was praised for his gameplay method and was titled the winner.

He won the grand prize of million dollars. He later participated in Winners at Wars as he was in his fourth season of the reality series.

Season 26: John Cochran

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John Cochran first participated in the 23rd season of " South Pacific." Cochran is an American television writer.

He claimed the throne in the 26th season of "Survivor: Caramoan." He won the title with eight out of eight votes.

Cochran beat Dawn Meehan and Sherri Biethman in the finals. He is the third winner in Survivor series history to win a unanimous vote.

The television writer later gave a guest appearance on the season "Blood Vs. Water" and "Game Changers." In the 34th season, he visited Debbie Wanner to give her advice.

The former winner later became a writer for various CBS sitcoms.

Season 25: Denise Stapley

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Denise Stapley is known as the winner of Survivor's 25th season, "Survivor: Philipines." Denise is a licensed mental health therapist.

She first participated in the 25th season of the series "Survivor: Philipines." She overcame Michael Skupin and Lisa Whelchel in the final round.

She received six out of eight votes at the finals. Following her win, Denise became the oldest person to win the title and the first person in Survivor's history to attend every tribal Council. Probst claims her among his top four female winners.

Denise was also part of the Winners of Wars season. Stapley completed in sixth place.

Season 24 : Kim Spradlin

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Kim Spradlin is the twenty-fourth winner of " Survivor: One World."

Kim is an interior designer and a former bridal shop owner in Texas. She was cast in two seasons of Survivor.

Her quiet and effective strategy for reaching the finals impressed the jury members as she received seven out of the possible nine votes. She defeated Sabrina Thompson and Chelsea Meissner in the finals.

Spradlin was also rewarded another $100,000 for "Sprint Player of the Season" by the viewer's vote count. Later she returned in the fortieth season of Winner's franchise, finishing in the ninth position.

Season 23: Sophie Clarke

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Sophie Clarke is a TV personality known for winning the 23rd season "Survivor: South Pacific." Clarke was born in 1989.

Sophie reached the finals by winning most of the immunity challenges later despite having a weak start. Clarke defeated Wade and Distrade in the finals.

She was rewarded with six out of nine votes from the jury members for claiming the "Sole Survivor" title. The former winner returned in the Winners franchise season, where all winners competed together.

Season 22: ‘Boston’ Rob Mariano

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Rob Mariano was the winner of the series Survivor: Redemption Island. He was also known as Boston Rob. 

Boston won by gaining 8 out of 9 jury votes and beating Phillip Sheppard and Natalie Tenerelli in the finale. Rob was praised for controlling the vote count and dominating gameplay over the other two finalists.

Jeff later explained Mariano's game as a perfect game in Survivor. 

His other appearances include “Marquesas” (Season 4), “All-Stars” (Season 8), “Heroes vs. Villains” (Season 20), and “Winners at War” (Season 40).

Season 21: Jud ‘Fabio’ Birza

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Jud Birza was the youngest person to win the Survivor reality show in history. He won the season "Survivor: Nicaragua."

It was the closest finals where Birza went on to win the title only by a margin of one vote. He defeated Chase Rice and Sash Lenahan by 5-4-0.

Jud proved his worth by winning every challenge in his way without backstabbing anyone to reach the finals. Later he won the "Sole Survivor" with a grand prize of one million dollars.

Season 20: Sandra Diaz-Twine

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Sandra Diaz is well-known in the Survivor series as a two-time winner. She previously won Season 7 "Pearl Islands."

Sandra clinched the title in the 20th season of Survivor "Heroes Vs. Villain," beating Parvati Shallow and Russell Hantz in the finals. She won by by 7-2-0 vote margin.

By winning twice, Diaz also claimed the throne as the Queen of Survivor. Her other appearances include Pearl Islands(Season 7), Game Changers(Season 34), and Winners of  War(Season 40).

Sandra also participated as a mentor in the 39th season of Survivor. Diaz was regarded as the Greatest player on the show to have ever played in Survivor history.

Season 19 Natalie Wh*te

Natalie caption
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Natalie Wh*te won the 19th series "Samoa" of Survivor. She was born on April 22, 1983.

She was working at a pharmaceutical company which she shockingly left to participate in the Survivor 19th season. She worked for fifteen months.

Natalie became the Sole Survivor beating runner-up Hantz and third-place Trimming for the title. She received seven out of nine votes from the jury.

Hantz offered Natalie $10000, later increased to $100,000 for the title of "Sole Survivor," but she declined both offers.

Season 18: James Thomas Jr (J.T Thomas)

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J.T Thomas is a survivor contestant who featured in three seasons of Survivor. James won in his first season.

Thomas won in his first season as a contestant in the 18th season of "Survivor: Tocantins." He won a US$1,000,000 grand prize.

James defeated Stephen Fishbach in the final round by a vote count of 7-0. He received seven out of seven votes. Thomas was the second person to win by a unanimous vote after Earl Cole.

He was rewarded as the "Spirit player of the Season" with another $100,000 prize. Furthermore, Thomas was the sixth person to have all votes cast for him.

Season 17: Bob Crawley

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Bob Crawley is one of the oldest winners in the history of US Survivor. He won at the age of  51.

Crawley won the seventeenth season of Survivor "Gabon" in 2008. Bob beat Susie Smith and Sugar Kiper by the nearest margin of votes, 4-3-0.

Before adding his Sole Survivor title, Bob also won the "Spirit Player of the Season." He won an additional $100,000 to his million-dollar prize pool.

When the show was on the air, Bob used to teach physics at Gorham High School and resided in Portland. 

Season 16: Parvati Shallow

Shallow and her daughter at beach birthday party in July 2022
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Parvati Shallow is the winner of the show's sixteenth season, "Survivor." She previously participated in the 13th edition.

She defeated Amanda Kimmel and claimed the "Sole Survivor" title in Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites. She won by gaining five out of eight votes.

Her other appearances in the show include Cook Islands(Season 13), Heroes vs. Villains(Season 20), and Winners at War(Season 40).

Parvati has been considered the most skilled contestant ever played by fans and critics.

Season 15: Todd Herzog

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Todd Herzog is the fifteenth winner of the Survivor to have played in the series. He won the "Survivor: China" in 2007.

Todd defeated Courtney Yates and Amanda Kimmel in the final round. Herzog won by 4-2-1 votes.

Due to the honesty shown him from Day one, the jury voted him as the winner of the show. Following the win, Todd was advertised as the Million Dollar Men in December 2007 issue of  Instinct.

Season 14: Earl Cole

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Earl Cole was the 14th winner of the Survivor series. Cole is an entrepreneur and a producer.

Earl overcomes Cassandra Franklin and Dreamz Herd in the final round by earning nine out of nine votes. He became the first unanimous winner.

He made it through the finals without winning any challenges, and just one tribal council vote was cast against him.

The businessman failed to participate in other seasons of Survivor though he was invited due to family matters.

Season 13 : Yul Kwon

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Yul Kwon won the Survivor 13th edition. Yul is a former government official and a television host. 

He won the "Survivor: Cook Island" in 2006 by a one-vote margin, receiving five out of nine votes. He defeated Ozzy Lusth and Becky Lee in the finals.

The jury members applauded the winner for his strategic prowess and ability in the social aspect of the game.

After the victory, Kwon gained natural recognition and popularity as the show's winner. He later appeared in another season, "Winners at War," where other finalists were also competing.

Season 12: Aras Baskauskas

Aras at the sets of Survivor season 12
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Aras Baskauskas was the 12th winner of the Survivor series. He is an American Yogi and a musician.

Aras won the season "Survivor: Panama," overcoming Danielle DiLorenzo by 5-2 in the final round. He received five out of seven votes.

He returned to compete in "Blood VS Water" but was eliminated in eleventh place. Besides this, Aras also released his debut album in 2011 under the name "Odd Us."

Season 11: Danni Boatwright

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Danni Boatwright is the winner of the Survivor 11 Series. Danni is an American show host and a model.

Danni won the season " Guatemala" with six out of seven votes. She mastered Stephenie LaGrossa in the finals to claim the "Sole Survivor" title.

She later returned in Winners at War season after a long 29 seasons gap to compete for the title. Boatwright finished in nineteenth place and later became a permanent jury member that season.

Season 10: Tom Westman

Tom at the set of Survivor season 10
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Tom Westman won "Survivor: Palau.", the tenth season of the Survivor series.

Westman became the sole survivor after beating Katie Gallagher in the finals. Tom received six out of seven votes.

His five out of seven immunity challenge win makes him the fourth person to win the five challenges in a single season. He was seen in the Heroes vs. Villains season, where he was eliminated in sixteenth place.

Westman also worked as a firefighter for almost twenty years in New York City.


Season 9: Chris Daugherty

Chris won
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Chris Daughtery is the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Vanuatu. He was the most popular contestant.

Having odds of fewer chances to win, his determination and manipulation lead him to claim the title. Chris beat Twila Tanner in the final round by 5-2 votes.

He broke the record of three consecutive seasons won by the women. His outstanding political performance impressed the jury to vote for him for the win.

Later Chris didn't make any other appearances in other seasons of Survivor.

Season 8: Amber Brkich

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Amber Brkich is the winner of the "Survivor: All-Stars" season. She won the season in 2004.

She defeated Rob Mariano with the slightest margin of votes in the finals. She received four out of seven votes, whereas Rob received three votes.

Following her win, Brkich appeared on the cover of Stuff Magazine, being ranked the 50th most beautiful woman in 2004.

Her other appearances include Season 2: Australian Outbreak and Season 40: Winners at War.

Season 7: Sandra Diaz - Twine

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Sandra Diaz is the two-time winner of the Survivor Series. She won her first title in 2003.

She claims her first victory in Survivor, Pearl Island. She defeated Lillian Morris by 6-1 votes.

Diaz was praised for her strategic gameplay by the jury members as one must have to compete. She also won the twentieth season of the Survivor Series, making her the first to win two seasons. 

She later participated in "Winners at War," where she finished in nineteenth place.

Season 6: Jenna Morasca

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Jenna Morasca was the sixth winner of the Survivor series. She won "Survivor: Amazon."

She became the youngest contestant to win the Sole Survivor title defeating Matthew von Ertfelda. She received six out of seven votes in the finals.

Morasca later appeared in a consecutive season but was compelled to leave the show because of her dying mother battling Cancer. 

She also hosted the five seasons of the Survivor series.

Season 5: Brian Heidik

Brian with his son on the occasion of Father's day
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Brian Heidik won the fifth season of the Survivor Series in 2002.

He won the "Sole Survivor" title with a tight vote margin in the finals. Brian defeated Clay Jordan by 4-3 votes.

Heidik was known for inventing the "goat strategy" and his strong gameplay. He was the first to win all immunity challenges in a single season.

Season 4: Vecepia Towery

Vecepia on the sets of Survivor : Thailand
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Vecepia Towery won the fourth season of the Survivor season. She won it in 2002.

She won Marquesas season, where she defeated Neleh Dennis in the finals. She won by 4-3 votes.

Towery was the first African American contestant to win the Survivor Series show. Jury members praised her for her strategic gameplay.

Season 3 : Ethan Zohn

Zohn at Botany Cats on January 19, 2023
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Ethan Zohn was the winner of the third season of the Survivor Series. Ethan is a professional Soccer player.

He won the third season in 2002 by defeating Kim Johnson in the finals. Zohn received five votes, whereas Kim received two.

He later appeared in the other two seasons, All Stars(season 8) and Winners at War(season 40). 

Following the win, Zohn cofounded grass root soccer to raise the fund for fighting against HIV/AIDS. He was greeted as one of the Top 15 most influential players of the United Soccer League.

Season 2: Tina Wesson

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Tina Wesson was the first female Sole Survivor in 2001. Tina became the first female oldest contest to win the title at 40.

Wesson mastered Colby Donaldson in the final round with 4-3 votes. 

She later returned with her daughter Katie in 2013, where she finished the season in fourth place. Her daughter finished in eighth place.

After her appearances, she began teaching survival classes for the occasional outdoors. 

Season 1: Richard Hatch

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Richard Hatch is the first winner of the Survivor Series in 2000. He beat Kelly Wiglesworth in the final round.

He received four out of seven votes from the jury members.

With his win, Hatch became the first to win the title in his debut season. Later he re-participated in the eighth season of the series, where he was eliminated in the fourteenth place.

Richard was featured as "The 60 Nastiest Villains of All Time" by TV Guide for his Survivor gameplay.