Yael Yurman is a young actress born in Canada who is widely recognized for appearing in
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Yael Yurman, at a age of 16, debuted in 2017 and has already forged her name. Yael plays Marah in Firefly Lane.

Many of you might've discovered the Canadian actress from her appearance as Clara Sampson in The Man in the High Castle and Anastasia in the television series Once Upon a Time.

She stars as Marah in the television series Firefly Lane. The young actress is making rounds on the public platform as the TV series is returning with a new season on December 2.

Yael Yurman Age

Yael Yurman is 21 years old as she celebrated her birthday on 28 June 2001 in Canada. Yurman made her acting debut when she was just 16.

Yael boasts commendable acting skills for her age. She is a promising young actress.

Yael shared her old pictures on her birthday until 2020.
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She debuted in Anastasia's role in the TV series "Once Upon a Time" a couple of months after her 16th birthday in 2017. Regardless of fairly less experience, Yurman has proven herself as a promising actress.

A fascinating fact about the Canadian actress is that she has made a ritual of sharing pictures of her childhood on Instagram on her birthday every passing year.

Yael Yurman shared the above picture on her 17th birthday.
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She consecutively uploaded her early childhood pictures for three years, from 2018 until 2020, on her Instagram. However, after 2020 she discontinued her ritual of sharing throwback pictures.

Yurman shared a picture of her putting her braid on her mouth on her 17th birthday in 2018. She wrote, 'It doesn't show, but I'm a year older today🎉,' in the caption. The comment section is a galore of birthday wishes presently.

Yurman with her younger brother
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Corresponding, the actress uploaded a picture of her hugging her sibling in 2019 on her 18th birthday. Yurman penned the caption, 'After 18 years; I’m still this short.'

Likewise, in 2020 on her 19th birthday, Yurman uploaded a carousel consisting of a picture and a video. The first slide includes a photo of Yurman, who appears as if she is about to cry from her facial expression. 

Actress Yurman hugging her brother
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Whereas the last slide comprises a short video of her celebrating reaching the legal age of drinking by having a beverage. She wrote, 'I can finally drink... swipe;).'

After her 19th birthday in 2020, Yurman has yet to share a ritual of uncovering exclusive throwback pictures on her birthday.

Actress Yael Yurman Stars In TV Series Firefly Lane

The young and talented actress Yael Yurman appears as Marah in "Firefly Lane."

She starts in the television series alongside Ali Skovbye, Brendon Taylor, Roan Curtis, Katherine Heigl, Ben Lawson, Sarah Chalke, Beau Garrett, Jason McKinnon, Brandon Jay McLaren, Jon-Michael Ecker, and more.

Yurman doesn't have an extensive work profile and credits compared to some Firefly Lane casts. That said, it doesn't imply that she is any less than her co-stars regarding her acting skills.

Yael Yurman (right) with Ben Lawson (left) who plays Johnny Ryan's role in the Netflix TV series
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She plays Kate's daughter Marah in the series. Actress Sarah Chalke portrays Marah's mother, Kate Mularkey, 's role in the television series.

Based on Kristin Hannah's namesake novel, the TV series follows the story of two best friends, Kate and Tallulah or Tully. Actress Katherin Heigl played Tully's role in the TV series.

The television series is just around the corner for the release of its new season. The new season of Firefly Lane is set to release n December 2, 2022. Meanwhile, Yurman, alongside other actors, is hitting the headlines on the web.

Yael Yurman Boasts In 7 Acting Credits

Despite debuting not long ago, Yael Yurman has become a known face in the industry with her outstanding performance.

From right to left: Yael Yurman, Robery Carlyle, and Gabrielle Anwar in
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The Canadian actress landed her breakout role as Anastasia in Once Upon a Time. A year later, she was cast as Tiny Freshman in the famous movie To All the Boys I've Loved Before.

After starring in the prominent film To All the Boys, I've Loved Before. Yurman appeared in various television series, including Aviva in the 2019 series Sacred Lies, Clara Sampson in The Man in the High Castle, and Bridget in Snowpiercer.

Actress Yurman appeared as Olivia in
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Yurman boasts seven acting credits on her work profile within five years since her acting debut in 2017. Her recent credit includes her role as Marah in the Netflix TV series Firefly Lane.

Yael Yurman Has A Supportive Family

Yael Yurman is grateful to have a supportive parents and family. However, she is relatively tight-lipped regarding her personal life. 

Actress Yurman and her brother with their mother.
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Although the actress opts for private life, she shares pictures of her parents and siblings on her Instagram. She hasn't uncovered details on the web, including the names of her family members.

Yurman Has An Elder Brother

Yurman isn't the only child of her parents. The actress has an elder brother whose name remains obscure.

Canadian actress Yael Yurman has an elder brother
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Firefly Lane actress shared an appreciation post with a lengthy and heartfelt message for her loved ones, including her brother, mother, and friends, on February 19, 2021.

'My brother, who has been stuck with me since the beginning. We can’t stay mad at each other for long, never longer than a day. And I’m pretty sure we share the same wavelength (we call it ‘sibling synergy’). I’m proud and grateful to be his little sister❤️' grateful, Yael wrote in the caption.

Pictures of Yurman with her elder brother from their early days to their present days
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'Mom, with all my ups and downs, crying and laughing, will always guide me through everything.' Yurman thanked her mother. 'I am the person that I am because of her. I say it in every birthday card, but I want to be like her when I grow up.

Canadian Actress Yael Yurman Stands At An Average Height

The young Canadian actress Yael Yurman stands reportedly at a height of 5 feet 4 inches.

Her tallness is 1.63 if measured in meters. The precise information surrounding Yurman's tallness is available on her IMDb profile. 

Besides that, Yael's other body measurements aren't available at the present moment.