Comedian Yung Filly, yet to feature on Wikipedia, is all set to participate in the Great British Bake Off. 

Yung Filly aka Andres Felipe Barrientos is basically an Internet personality who is very talented. He is a comedian singer and now also hopefully an upcoming chef after his participation in the Great Bake Off.

This celebrity is garnering the most attention among all the contestants. Netizens want to know more about him including his career graph and personal details. Let's get insights into the TV personality's life in general.

Yung Filly Wikipedia And Real Name

Yung Filly's real name is Andres Felipe Barrientos but he is mostly known for his stage name. As he is in the limelight for appearing in the Great British Bake Off, the comedian is using his professional name in the show. 

He started his career with YouTube. Making funny videos got him introduced to his section of the audience which obviously grew with his transfer to the Television world. However, his short skits and the unique style of question and answer videos have to be credited for his initial success. 

Filly is a member of The Wall of Comedy group which consists of a bunch of comedians together. He is usually found collaborating with his fellow YouTuber friend Chunkz and they seem to have a quite good rapport.

Apart from making people laugh, Yung is also a skilled singer. He recently released his song 100 Bags Freestyle which got popular among the people. Further, he has worked with Wireless festival and National Basketball League Europe on different kinds of projects. 

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Yung Filly Net Worth

Yung Filly has a net worth of around $484k. Even though the actual amount is yet to be calculated, estimating his YouTube earnings, Television career, social media, and musical journey depict his praiseworthy income. 

The young talent has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram and over 267k followers on Twitter. This itself is a sign of his high earnings. Likewise, if his career grows in pace, it is obvious that Filly will become a millionaire in no time. 

Yung Filly On Great British Bake Off

Yung will appear on the British bake-off on 29th March 2022 at 8 PM on Channel 4. His followers are impatiently waiting for the show along with their favorite cooking show.

We wish Filly all the very best in his new endeavor and hope he comes out with flying colors