Zach is The Bachelor for Season 27
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Zach Shallcross has a net worth of $3 million. Zach makes his money as a Senior Cloud Technology Account Executive.

Zach is on the cast of the Bachelor season 27 and was a contestant on the Bachelorette show. He is ready to become someone’s Mr. Right.

The American television personality gets best known as the star of season 27 of The Bachelor. He is a 26-year-old from Fullerton, California, born to parents Chapman and Megan Shallcross.

Shallcross and his two sisters graduated from Servite High School, getting accepted to California Polytechnic State University to play football.

For his four years at the institution, he became known as an honors student until his graduation in 2019 with a degree in business administration.

The actor has used his degree to the fullest and operates as a tech executive for a software company, boosting his earnings to the hundred thousand mark. 

Zach Shallcross Net Worth and Job Details

Zach Shallcross net worth is $3 million. Zach works at Oracle as a Senior Cloud Technology Sales Executive.

The multinational computer technology corporation has its headquarters in Austin, Texas, and gets deemed the third-largest software company in the world according to revenue and market capitalization.

The institution has gained a market valuation of 299.5 million dollars by selling database software and technology, while the enterprise value is $311.35 billion.

Zach at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa in March 2019
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Indeed, Zach's status in the corporation entitles him to around 300,000 dollars a year for just one of his gigs. He has also dipped his hands in reality television and social media.

Four Ways Zach Makes His Money

Shallcross might only be 26 years old, but he has managed to reach the top of the food chain at his day job while keeping successful side hustles. 

Senior Cloud Technology Sales Executive at Oracle

Cloud technology is one of the highest-paid jobs in the world, with senior positions at one of the top establishments in the world making sure to bring Zach a heavy check.

Zach and The Warburton family raised 4 million in donations
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According to his LinkedIn, he began his job at Oracles as a Could Technology in 2019. His entrance into the headquarters was a positive sign, as he even won the FY20 Q2 Rookie of the Quarter prize.

In just a year, he got promoted to account executive, where he got to thrive as a team leader. There was a hundred percent increase in consumption under his watchfulness as he and his team managed one million dollars in cloud revenue. 

Three months ago, he reached the top of the food chain when he became a senior account executive, closing 1.5 million worth of cloud structure. 

Sales Assistant

Before he got to wear a suit and tie and run havoc in the technology world, he was making ends meet as a mere sales assistant.

In 2010, he worked under Gavel Group for three years until he got hired by The California Mid-State Fair as a supervisor.

His job entitled him to complete routine checkups with the event staff for precautionary purposes while advising the security team and conducting investigations of significant threats.

Zach and his friends in Austin, Texas in 2021
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Zach also had top-quality artistry and investigated all incidents alongside functional management while supervising a team of ten security personnel.

Reality Television

Zach first crossed paths with being on telly when he got approached by the makers of The Bachelorette to woo 26-year-old Rachel Recchia.

Unfortunately, he self-eliminated after an awkward date in week eight while Erich Schwer and Tino Franco took the winning prize.

Zach on The Bachelorettes on July 2022
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In a twist of fate, the audience loved him on the show, and the makers asked him to take center stage. He got an offer he could not refuse when he got proposed to become The Bachelor for season 27. New episodes began streaming on ABC on January 4, with live streaming on fuboTV.

Social Media

With 66.1 thousand followers on Instagram, one can deny that Shallcross has become a celebrity.

His uploads with a red rose only signified his growth as a contestant as people flocked to know more about him. 

Zach with his parents on graduation day
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Besides, he leads an exciting life filled with friendships, sports, and vacations. His pictures make one feels like a part of the family, as he puts them first.

The emphasis on familiar values, patriotism, and dazzling smile make him the next viral sensation, with brands racing to get him to promote them.